nina rusdorf

From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (5.24 – The Return of the Ring)

After a quite good fifth season (good if compared to the tragic third and fourth), the authors of Gossip Girl have taken a wise decision: going backwards fast to the first season, thus erasing everything has ever happened in all these episodes. Don’t worry, Schwartz and Savage: nobody will give you an award for your show and I still don’t understand why it has been renewed for yet another season, but still. The Return of the Ring [1] is everything the fandom of the show has wished for: Chuck and Blair finally side by side, Serena back to her wild party girl self, Bart Bass back on track in his business and in Lily’s heart, the Humphreys crushed under the weight of all this.  Oh, such a groundbreaking, bold and narratively innovative storyline, don’t you agree?

The only good thing of this episode is the fact that Lily has been given lots of screen time, which means four different outfits!

The episode opens with an unintentionally funny situation: Lily learns from a website that Bart Bass has miraculously come back from the grave, with all the implications that this can have on her life, too. She’s wearing a white cashmere robe, her hair is a bit messy, but she still manages to be true to her Upper East Side self with gorgeous accessories.