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66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

The Annual Primetime Emmy Awards have never been my favourite ceremony: my favourite tv shows rarely get a nomination or an award, so the whole event simply has no interest for me. I started covering it last year because I was surprised by the red carpet fashion; thank God, the same happened this year, even if  – I must admit – I was not as impressed as I had been in 2013. Here is my list of best-dressed celebrities.

Ladies in Red/Pink

clairedanes_emmy2014This year scarlet dresses were definitely a trend. My favourite red-clad actress was Claire Danes, who got a nomination as outstanding lead actress in a drama series for her role in Homeland.


71st Golden Globe Awards

A new award season has just begun and I couldn’t be more excited! As usual, the first important event is the ceremony of the Golden Globe Awards, whose 71st edition took place yesterday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. I didn’t have high expectations for the red carpet, but I was quite surprised to find lots of interesting looks. I can tell you my favourite outfit right away – Zoe Saldana’s – but let’s go through the post to see my best-dressed picks.

Ladies in Black

zoesaldana_goldenglobes2014Zoe Saldana, one of the presenters of the event, looked flawless in a gorgeous bustier dress by Prabal Gurung (from the spring/summer 2014 collection). It’s a quirky outfit because the dress is intricately decorated – beaded appliqués on the satin bodice, beaded and lace inserts on the skirt – but the actress totally pulled it off. I love the “peaked” upper part of the bustier, very elegant.


65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

If you are a tv series addict like me, yesterday you surely watched the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, held at the Nokia Theatre  in Los Angeles. I unfortunately wasn’t able to watch the ceremony (I was sleeping!), but tonight I woke up, cuddled up under the blankets with my iPhone not to disturb my husband and checked the red carpet pictures on Just Jared. I usually don’t cover the Emmy Awards, but I was so surprised to see so many beautiful outfits that I’ve changed my mind. Here is the list of my 9 best-dressed celebrities.

Ladies in Red/Pink

sarahpaulson_emmys2013I love Sarah Paulson and if you are a regular reader of this blog, you know why. She’s a talented actress and a beautiful woman who has a refined style. She’s not a red carpet regular but she always sports interesting outfits. Yesterday she wore a stunning red column dress by Carolina Herrera from the Fall 2013 collection. The bright red shade beautifully complements Sarah’s complexion; the plunging neckline, the draped waistline and the bow accenting the waist turn the dress into a showstopper. Sarah completed it with red satin platform sandals, a side-swept wavy hairstyle and a beautiful Fred Leighton gold and diamond leaf cuff bracelet. This is definitely my favourite outfit of the evening.


Costume Institute Gala 2013 – PUNK: Chaos to Couture

The big night arrived and passed, leaving a trail of fashion disasters behind… The night every fashion lover was waiting for – the annual Costume Institute Gala, which took place last night in New York – will remain in the collective memory because of a red carpet packed with irrelevant “celebrities” and bad dresses. The theme of the fashion exhibition, Punk: Chaos to Couture, was a tricky one and yesterday what I had been thinking for a while finally became clear: nobody seems to care for the exhibition, for art, not even Vogue’s editor-in-chief; the only thing which seems to be really important is the buzz and the gossip surrounding the attendees. There’s no point in denying that everyone loves a good (or bad) red carpet to scrutinize, but the event is becoming more and more irrelevant: some celebrities are walking disasters and have no sense of style whatsoever; others just fade into the background; others are plain boring. The result? Nobody – or a very few – nailed the “theme” of the event, but I shouldn’t be surprised, since Anna Wintour herself walked the red carpet wearing a floral dress (“Florals for spring? Groundbreaking”, Miranda Priestly would say).

While Darby Crash and Wendy O. Williams were rolling in their graves (or maybe just drinking another beer or sawing another guitar), some guests gave their own rendition of punk, thus demonstrating they had no idea what punk was/is. I firmly believe punk is a state of mind, not only a lifestyle, so here are the four celebrities who – I think – nailed it.

This is “punk”…

Dree+Hemingway+PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+7NTSgGo5onPxTo me, punk has always been a big, huge “fuck you” in the face of society and social conventions. Despite not symbolizing such a strong statement, I think Dree Hemingway embodied the spirit of what I’m referring to. She wore a Stella McCartney dress, with gathered waistline and neckline, pairing it to a black leather biker jacket and black clogs. Side-swept hair, a wood clutch, a big ring and kohl-rimmed eyes completed the look. She didn’t dress up, but just made a simple dress her own.


“You Are Fine and Good”: Reasons Why I’ve Made Peace with Hannah Horvath

When it comes to tv shows, I’m pretty integralist: I know what I like and I usually don’t give a chance to show which I know are not my cup of tea. I can surely change my mind and start watching something because friends rant and rave about it but it’s really a rare event. Last year I started watching Girls because of the hype around it, but I must admit it was a hate-watch: I hated everything about it (everything minus Jessa’s bohemian hairstyle and outfits), especially its protagonist, the “voice of a generation”, Hannah Horvath. I actually hated its creator and director, too: to my eyes, Lena Dunham was just a daughter of New York artists who had the chance to become famous thanks to her family privileges. I couldn’t find anything in the first season of the show which proved me wrong. Her verbosity, the careless exhibition of her body, the toxic and creepy relationship to the uber-creepy Adam: all about her made me hate her. I hated the character, I hated the show… yet I was kind of excited when the second season premiered. Was I wishing to see the show reaching the disaster point? Maybe, but this time I was glad to be wrong.

I appreciated the structure of this season, where the first 4 episodes remind the tone of the first season (but funnier), but things started getting really interesting in the exact middle of it, with the 5th episode, One’s Man Trash. The episode, directed by Richard Shepard, is probably the most poetic and saddest of the whole series, and it definitely marks a new step of self-consciousness for the protagonist.

tumblr_inline_mi1ldmz9ER1qz4rgpExperiencing a taste of adult, settled life thanks to the encounter with a doctor, Joshua, makes her feel the complete loneliness and sadness of her own life. This is a very special episode, centred on Hannah only, beautifully shot and set (Joshua’s apartment is so beautiful and chic), an apparent peaceful pause forerunning her meltdown. Probably the reason why the show failed to get me was the inability to make me feel emotions (other than nuisance, I mean) for the characters. This gap was filled from the 5th episode on. In Boys (6th episode) we see how Hannah is having trouble in coming up with material after getting a deal for an e-book, and that is the moment in which what was roughed out in the first season becomes clear: she’s a loser, not because she has no talent, but because she’s unable to focus on her goals and to prove what she’s capable of.

70th Golden Globe Awards

The time is now! The award season has officially started and I couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming events. The ceremony which kicked it off has been the 70th Golden Globe Awards, which took place yesterday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. My impression is that is was a boring red carpet, lacking wow moments but full of predictable outfits. Fortunately I was able to find 10 dresses which I liked a lot. Let’s see if you agree with me.

The Outsider

lucyliuI’ve never been a fan of Lucy Liu on the red carpet, but this time she outdid herself by wearing a very unusual dress by Carolina Herrera from the pre-fall 2013 collection – a proper ballgown embellished by a romantic rose print. I like how the dress was styled: she sported a side fishtail braid and wore only a pair of diamond earrings. Less and less celebrities are playing the romantic card nowadays, so I’m glad Lucy wasn’t afraid of wearing such a statement (and utterly girly) dress.