Christina Aguilera’s Style: Abbey’s Gay Walk of Fame, April 20, 2011

It’s been a while since I last wrote about Christina Aguilera’s style. The Voice, the NBC tv programme where she’ll be a vocal coach for new talents, is premiering on April 26th, so I guess there’ll soon be plenty of new outfits to write about. In the meantime, she made a public appearance last April 20th, when she was honoured at The Abbey, a bar and restaurant on Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood. Founded in 1991 by David Cooley and considered one of the most famous gay and lesbian bars, it has started its own Gay Walk of Fame with Christina, who left her hand and foot prints in the cement.

No wonder she channelled her inner Mae West for the occasion, wearing a set of vintage lingerie. I’ve read many many negative reviews of this outfit, which I expected: underwear as outerwear is often considered a no-no, and such underwear seems to be there to be criticised, but here we’re talking of Christina. She will never be an example of understated elegance but she’s always done her own thing, despite harsh criticism, and one must give her credit for that.