the voice (2nd season)

Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 2) – Finale

Writing about Christina Aguilera’s outfits in the second season of The Voice has been quite a journey: I’ve loved documenting the evolution of her style and I’m so proud of the improvement she has done since the first season of the tv show. Yesterday the long-awaited finale aired: I’m a bit sad because Juliet Simms, my favourite finalist, didn’t make it, but Jermaine Paul, from Team Blake, totally deserved to be the winner.

I didn’t expect anything too formal from Christina, but I’m glad she decided to glam things up, showing us a lovely version of a formal classic outfit – the tuxedo.

OMG, she looked beautiful! This is the second time she sported a pantless outfit, but this one is even better than the previous. She wore a black sequined jacket, a tuxedo pleated shirt and gorgeous studded shorts. My only complaint is for her shoe choice (she wore boots, but a pair of pumps would have been better), but the rest – yes! even her hair – looked so good.


Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 2) – Finals, Live Performances

Today has been a busy day! While the Costume Institute Gala was taking place in New York, in the West Coast one of the most successful tv shows of the season – The Voice – was reaching its peak with the finalists’ live performances. I had read somewhere Christina and Chris Mann were getting ready for their duet – The Prayer by Celine Dion feat. Andrea Bocelli – so I was really looking forward to watching the episode.

Christina sported two outfits – this is the first one. She was sparkling from head to toe as required in such an important evening. She wore a brown loose-cut jacket, a bodycon black dress and gold jewellery. My friend Alessia, who watched it live, told me she was sure I would have appreciated her make-up and manicure, which I actually did! Her manicure was amazing – it looks like gold foil and crystals were applied on her nails [1] – and so was her make-up, with a set of gold crystals applied on the upper lash-line and super-long lashes ♥]

Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 2), Before the Finale

If you are followers of my posts about Christina Aguilera’s style, you should know I usually write about social events/tv shows she attends. This time I’ll make an exception to the rule and show you what she wore at The Voice – Before the Finale, a special programme focusing on the approaching finale of the tv competition. As it often happens with her off-scene style, in this case she was sporting a very relaxed and kind of “scruffy” style. Ok, maybe this adjective is too strong, because she always likes to (or at least, tries to) look her best, but it’s true her “official” outfits are totally different from what she wears in real life.

She teamed up with Christina Milian to speak about the strong bond between her and the members of her team, and the reasons why she decided to give Chris Mann the chance to be the finalist. As for her outfit, it included a white sweater (worn as a dress), studded boots, silver and crystal jewellery. I would define it as glamour-meets-scruffy – the sweater has holes on the sleeves and has a tattered look.

Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 2) – Semifinals, Live Eliminations

Can you believe the second edition of The Voice is coming to an end? Next week the finals will take place, which is exciting but sad at the same time. I must admit I didn’t pay much attention to it last year (my only focus was Christina’s style), but this year I’ve watched most of the live performances, some of which really impressed me. Some of my favourite artists have been eliminated (even the adorable and super-talented Katrina and Lindsey Pavao), but there’s still Juliet Simms and I’m totally rooting for her.

As you know, I live in Italy and I watch The Voice the day after it airs. I woke up this morning and I read a comment on my last post which filled me with anticipation: my friend Alessia, who has just moved to Michigan, told me Christina looked like a character from The NeverEnding Story, a lovely fantasy movie by Michael Ende. You may like Christina or not, but one must give her credit for always experimenting with her image and pushing her own boundaries.

Adorable! Simone Harouche wrote that this look is “Mad Max gone glam”, thus referring to another beautiful movie from the 80s, Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome by George Miller and George Ogilvie, featuring Tina Turner in the unforgettable role of Aunty Entity. I think there’s an element of wild glamour in this outfit, along with a magic/exotic element – the fringed necklace worn as headpiece, so unusual for her. I can totally see Simone’s personal (bohemian) style here, mixed with trademarks of Christina’s style.

Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 2) – Semifinals, Live Performances

Oh, well: after complaining a bit [1] about the outfits Christina Aguilera has recently sported at The Voice, yesterday, at the semifinal live performances, she gave us something completely different. “She doesn’t like pants. She’s worked hard for her body- so why not flaunt it?,” wrote Simone Harouche, Christina’s stylist, on her Twitter account. That’s the point: Christina-no pants-tiara. I am in awe.

Just amazing! I was so looking forward for a dramatic outfit and here it is! Let me start with the good: her jacket/Danskin fishnet stockings/boots combo is gorgeous, it kind of reminds me of a circus ringmaster (Christina has always had a soft spot for anything related to the world of circus); the tiara is just lovely on her, a funny way to remind everybody she’s still a pop princess. Her make-up was amazing (her trademark red lipstick was back and those shimmering cheeks… well, I love them!), so was the glittering red fan she used as an accessory. The only downside was – again – her hairstyle. I’ve never been a fan of curly hair, and in this case it was too much.  Wavy locks would have been perfect!

Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 2) – Quarterfinals, Live Eliminations (Week 2)

The second season of The Voice is quickly entering its hottest phase: this second week of quarterfinals, with the live eliminations from Team Adam and Team Cee-Lo, has closed the first part of the competition. Now things will start getting really serious. I loved most of the performances of this episode, even if I must admit I was quite disappointed by Cee-Lo’s decision to eliminate Cheesa: she’s such an incredible vocalist.

As for Christina, she sat among the other vocal coaches and gave her opinions about the performances.

She looked really pretty in a nice black bodycon dress with contrasting details. Her hair is far from being good, but this hairstyle – a bit wavy – suits her better than the one she sported two days ago. I love her colourful eye make-up, contrasting with the neutral lips. This new look is so refreshing on her!

Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 2) – Quarterfinals, Live Performances (Week 2)

This week, the second phase of quarterfinal live performances at The Voice featured the members of Team Adam and Team Cee-Lo. Christina was not involved as a vocal coach, but she took her seat to give her opinion on the show. I was quite impressed by all the performances, but three were my favourites – Katrina Parker, who sang Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri; Cheesa, who gave a heartfelt rendition of I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston; Juliet Simms, who sang Cryin’ by the Aerosmith (her vocal performance was ok, but I loved her stage outfit).

After a hiatus of a couple of episodes, Christina was back to her role of unofficial Alexander McQueen testimonial: she wore yet another body-con dress by the British brand, pairing it to diamond-studded jewellery. My only complaint here is the thing I’ve been complaining for ages – her hair. I don’t know who did it, and at this point I honestly don’t care, because it looks just wrong and totally artificial. I know it’s hard to make peroxide-bleached hair look natural, but using extensions is surely the worst way. I know I sound like a broken record, but this hairstyle HAS to go, stat.