I’m Not Dead, Just Floating

10655013_1467302333536590_1143766068_nRealizing I haven’t written anything since last August is crazy. I guess this happens when real life prevails on online activities. I’m not complaining because great things have happened in the meanwhile; at the same time, I’ve probably come to the conclusion that it’s impossible to have it all, which means a demanding job (I’m a high-school teacher), a family (B is now attending the first year at primary school) and lots of different online projects. This year I’m working in two different schools, where I teach both day and evening lessons, and everything is kind of complicated. I love working with adult students, but being away from home in the evening is not easy and I’m sure this will take its toll on me by the end of the school year. I’ve hinted at “great things”, though, so I’m more than willing to make sacrifices: this will be my last year as a fixed-term teacher! After 10 years of working from September to June, of changing schools and starting over again and again, next September I’ll finally start working with an open-ended contract. I’ll also work in a different province (the one where I live), which makes things even more exciting.

In such a hectic situation you can see why I’ve neglected this blog. I’ve honestly thought a lot about what to do with it, since I hate fooling myself or my readers. I’ve recently had no reason to update it. Is it permanent? I don’t know. True is that Dallo Spazio has been online for a very long time and has changed a lot since then. I’ve never wanted it to be an ordinary fashion blog, I’ve never wanted it to be a collection of copy-and-paste news or of someone else’s ideas, I’ve never kept it obsessively up-to-date because I don’t update my interests mechanically. Keeping such a blog alive needs energy and time, something which at the moment I must put into something else – school and family first, followed by Film Costumes, What Christina Wears and Born Unicorn. “It ain’t over until it’s over”, they say, but I’ve realized the life of this blog may be over. I may update it when the award season starts (still not sure about it), but I’ll surely write about Christina Aguilera’s outfits in the upcoming The Voice season on Tumblr, which is quicker and more practical. Believe me when I say that I’m writing this post with my heart full of sadness, but I don’t want to pretend things haven’t changed. I first thought of deleting everything but that would be a pity. There’s a lot to read in a 6-year archive and I hope you’ll still appreciate it ♥

PS: A the cat and my perfume cabinet are the best way to say (temporarily?) goodbye.



  1. cara superqueen, ti seguo dal 2006 in Splinder, da quando sei passata in wordpress un pò meno e penso che lo scrivere in inglese ti abbia fatto perdere molto seguito. ma se non ho mai abbandonato il tuo blog, è perchè lo consideravo una cosa speciale e molto più soddisfacente di Chiara Ferragni, per dire. qui ti sei abbandonata alla tua passione per christina aguilera e per gossip girl, che non condivido, ma una capatina la faccio sempre volentieri. per cui sono rimasta malissimo scoprendo che pensi di abbandonare il blog! non cancellarlo, almeno. Leggo giornali femminili come Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Vanity Fair e talvolta mi sono detta che i tuoi post erano migliori dei loro articoli. Un vero peccato, ma capisco benissimo il peso della vita quotidiana che ha tolto anche a me l’interesse di bloggare (ho mollato il blog due anni e mezzo fa). f.to: Ombrabionda (michela)

    1. Sono d’accordo: la decisione di scrivere in inglese mi ha senz’altro fatto perdere molto seguito. Pur rispettando chi ha trovato insormontabile l’ostacolo della lingua, non mi pento della mia scelta. Se il mio obiettivo fosse stato quello di mantenere il seguito che avevo quando scrivevo in italiano, è evidente che non avrei cambiato una virgola. Ad ogni modo, Dallo Spazio si prende una lunga vacanza (non me la sento di dire che chiude definitivamente perché mai dire mai), ma il resto della mia attività on line prosegue. Questo post mi è sembrato doveroso nei confronti di chi passa ancora di qui e non trova aggiornamenti.

  2. Hi SuperQueen! Hello from China! I hear you sister blogger… I have two kids, am giving lectures and just put together this exhibition so my blog has been lagging too.. Actually I think you’ll get a kick out of it. Have a look and let me know…
    Take it easy. Bon courage pour la Suite… and I do hope to read your comments again about fashion and pop culture when you are good and ready.
    Take care.

  3. Believe it or not, I was just wondering if my feed reader was wrong, because I haven’t seen any news from your blog in a while. Even my blog have had his tough moments, but until now I always managed to keep it alive, with some new projects and new social connections. It helps the fact that I work all day on a computer, so It’s easier to find the time to write down something.

    I have to say, It’s a bit sad seeing you leave this place, even if I haven’t followed you that much in the last years, but I understand very well your point and your decision, not an easy one I’m sure.

    Nonetheless, we’ve had some very good moments back in the past of good old Splinder and we shared some good laugh with other blogfriend, most of them long gone now.
    I wish you ALL the best for your next projects, either at work or in your private life, and a I leave you with the most sincere and heartfelt hug.
    Bye Bye (sniff sniff)

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