Anatomy of an Outfit: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at the CFDA Awards 2014

A week has passed since the last CFDA Awards (which took place at the Lincoln Center in New York), yet I’m still thinking about two outfits, those sported by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Move over, Crystallized Rihanna: the two former teen stars caught my attention and made it to the top of my best-dressed list of the event.

olsens_cfda2014The designers, who won the Accessories Designer of the Year award, brought their trademark minimalism to a sublime level, sporting two similar outfits by The Row, pairing it to elegant jewellery and awesome shoes. Ashley wore a black silk dress with long, wide sleeves, crew neckline and belt at the waist. Mary-Kate opted for a more original dress,cut like an overcoat, made of black silk shantung, featuring kimono sleeves and belt at the waist.

olsens_shoes_cfda2014I can’t tell you how much I’ve lusted over their shoes, which tell a lot about their personality. Ashley wore Manolo Blahnik Callamu patent sandals, extra-simple shoes with kitten heels and crossing bands on the front. Mary-Kate wore sky-high Nymphette sandals by Christian Louboutin, featuring satin lace-up wraparound ankle straps.

olsens_therowclutch_cfda2014Both of them wore the same clutch – Ashley in navy suede, Mary-Kate in black silk. This clutch is from The Row accessory line and is embellished with braided cord handle and dyed horsehair tassels.

ashleyolsen_sidneygarber_cfda2014The Olsens are lucky enough to be able to indulge in one of her greatest passions – jewellery. For the occasion they wore a selection of pieces by Sidney Garber, inspired to vintage jewellery. Ashley wore a multi-thread white gold braided necklace and a stunning pair of pearl and jade pendant earrings.

mkolsen_sidneygarber_cfda2014I love how they are always dressed in tune with each other, while adding personal touches all the time. Mary-Kate wore two pair of pendant earrings – one embellished with cabochon rubies and diamonds, the other with cabochon emeralds and diamonds. The combination between them is quirky but well-balanced.

olsens_updo_cfda2014They never wear much make-up and always opt for basic hairstyles. Here is a beautiful shot of their updos – chic low chignons. Mary-Kate’s was decorated by a black ribbon, while Ashley’s was plain. In both cases, the chignons were a bit undone, so as to achieve a more relaxed effect.

While the fashion and media world was talking about Rihanna’s barely-there dress [1], the Olsens reached another important goal in their careers and firmly kept their position among my favourite celebrities. They’re probably the only ones who dress like I would dress if I were famous: their outfits are charming, a bit out of tune (if compared to the current trends) and for this reason very appealing to my eyes. Their constant reference to the past, their love for minimalism and neutral colours, their passion for jewellery and show-stopping accessories are further reasons why they’re true icons in my book of style.

[1] It’s true her custom-made Adam Selman dress was out of place and, in my opinion, distasteful, but I can’t find a reason why she shouldn’t have worn it. She’s young, beautiful and famous, and she wanted to make people remember this public appearance: what’s wrong in this? Most of the articles I’ve read about this outfit of hers were full of slut shaming at its worst, which sucks.

Source and source.


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