Diary of a Nail Polish Addict: October 2012

October was a very hard month for me: adjusting to the new school routine was harder than expected and, as a result, tiredness and anxiety hit hard. This is the reason why I didn’t devote much time to manicures; now I realize I should have, since this activity usually relaxes and calms me down. I’ll try to go back to them next month. In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy what I came up with in the past 31 days.

d7c632c829f311e38b9a22000a1f9d42_8I’ve recently found myself more and more drawn to Deborah Lippmann nail polishes, which is not a surprise. I’ve always loved the American celeb manicurist’s shades, especially the glitter bombs, but now I’ve found out even the “regular” colours are stunning! I was lucky enough to get a bottle of Through the Fire from a German swapper. This dark, rich merlot red with metallic shimmer was originally released in the 2012 Holiday collection: it’s such a great winter colour. I used it in a manicure along with Chanel Malice, another red shade released for the 2012 holiday season as part of the Eclats du Soir collection. They’re not dupes (Malice is darker), but they’re definitely part of the same family.

742372e42f7011e38f4222000a1fb75e_8Last month I also played with two of the three mini nail polishes included in the Deborah Lippmann She’s Always a Woman trio I got in September. My Prerogative (inspired to the 2004 hit by Britney Spears) is a gorgeous royal blue crème nail polish; it would be awesome by itself, but I paired it to a flakey top coat, Deborah Milano 3D Tech. The result was lovely, in my opinion, because the top coat emphasized the cool tone of the base thanks to the emerald flakies.

60f7ad06337c11e38d6622000a1fbc43_8I did something similar with the putty taupe crème shade of the trio, Putty in Your Hands (inspired to a Yardbirds song): I paired it to one of my favourite top coats, Essence Night in Vegas, whose copper flakies beautifully contrasted with the neutral base. You know I’m not a fan of natural-looking manicures, but this one has really grown on me.

d466483a3bc211e38cf922000a1fcc03_8Last but not least, my nth attempt at half-moon manicure, which I did with the newest additions to my stash – Essence The Green and the Grunge (nice name!) and My Fortune Cookie. The Green and the Grunge is Essence Colour of the Year nail polish and I can see why: it’s a beautiful forest green shade with a touch of blue and dark jade. I paired it to My Fortune Cookie, a classic metallic gold shade, because I loved the contrast between the two. Generally speaking, I love all the combinations between gold and cool tones like mint green or aqua blue, because they remind me of Ancient Egypt art. There’s a lot to improve in my half-moon technique but I don’t want to be too indulgent either, because I think it’s one of the best I’ve ever done. I’ll try to do more next month, so as to improve more and more. Practice makes manicures perfect, right?

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