Diary of a Nail Polish Addict: September 2013

Am I the only one who thinks September passed so quickly? It’s probably due to the beginning of a new school year, which for me means a new school and new students. When you’re busy with something (family, job, life in general), your perception of time changes, usually by giving you the feeling a month is just a blink of an eye. Despite the hectic schedule I had, I was able to devote some time to my nails, so here are the manis I did.

photo(3)Ok, I must admit this was a mistake, a compulsive purchase which I shouldn’t have done. OPI Suzy’s Hungary Again is already sitting in my swap basket, even if it’s a very nice geranium pink shade. The point is that it’s nothing special and I don’t think I need something like this in my stash. Nice colour, though, part of the Euro Centrale spring 2013 collection. The polish contains some fine shimmer, pretty invisible once applied.

photo(8)Last month marked my first attempt at ombré manicure. I’m pretty bad at nail art, but I think practice is really important, so I took heart, picked two contrasting colours from my collection – Essence That’s What I Mint and Off to Miami – and did my thing. The result is kind of ugh, I agree, but some nails are actually nice. I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls as a base, and the classic sponging technique. Let me tell you everything seems super-duper easy on YouTube tutorials, but when it’s time for you to do the same thing… well, it’s a different story. I’ll surely try this again, maybe with a different colour combination.

photo(1)After trying to do something different, I went back to one of my favourite shades – OPI You Rock-a-pulco Red, which was part of the Mexico spring 2006 collection. I remember I bought it on eBay after looking for it everywhere; it’s a discontinued colour and I’m so glad to have it in my collection because it’s a unique red, described by OPI as “neon bright medium red with a pink undertone and a fine shimmer”. Oh, that shimmer makes it special!

86d319e81ee611e3ba1722000a1faed2_7In mid September I was hit by a glitter bomb! No, seriously, three amazing glitter bombs arrived in my collection, thanks to Paul Chrisman and Lynnderella. I’ve often written about the fantastic collections by the American indie brand but these are the first three polishes I’ve laid my hands on. What can I say? They’re stunning, and only now I can understand why so many people are literally addicted to Lynn’s polishes. I got The Full Minty, Oh Eric… and Tidy Whities from the Once Upon a Prince and More Man Candy collection. I did the mani above with Essence That’s What I Mint as a base and two coats of The Full Minty on top; this colour is described as having “satin mint and white glitters accented with several shades of green—all in an intensely sparkling mint-shimmered base”. I was expecting for a simple glitter top coat, but this is much more complex and deeper, thanks to the shimmered base. I love it!

photoOh Eric… is a love letter to Eric Northman, a red metallic shade with “neon pink, purple and red glitters in a pink-shimmered translucent red base”. This was a bit more difficult to work with, not because of its texture but because I couldn’t find the right base shade. I used Essence Naughty and Pink, but it didn’t emphasized the complexity of it. Next time I’ll try it on a darker base – black cherry or black. In any case, the combination of pink shimmer and glitters in different shapes (heart-shaped and star-shaped, too) and sizes is sublime.

lynnderella tidy whitiesThe last one was a surprise. Tidy Whities is “a mixture of opaque and translucent whites with assorted tiny pastel and iridescent glitters; multishimmer in a clear base”, but I can assure you the description can’t tell the beauty of it. I applied two coats on Essence Miss Universe, and magic happened: the dark base sparkled with holo pink, blue and purple shimmer, while the glitters gave everything a special light. If you want to get a galaxy effect in one polish, look no further, because Tidy Whities does it all. It’s like a starry night in a bottle (it even contains moon-shaped glitters), so romantic!

3c341dc8250e11e3926822000a1f9c9b_7This time I want to close the post on a high note. Last month I also got a mini trio by Deborah Lippmann – She’s Always a Woman – originally released for Holiday 2012. I’ll write about it next month, but in the meantime let me introduce the most beautiful shade of the three – Raspberry Beret, inspired to one of my favourite songs by Prince. It’s a holographic-effect flecked berry with a peculiar jelly texture which I really like. It was easy to achieve a good coverage with two coats; a top coat is needed to make the nail surface even. Thank God I had the chance to take some pics under sunlight, so you can really see the glass-effect of the polish. Beautiful, isn’t it?

I recently got another Deborah Lippmann polish – Through the Fire – and I’ll show it to you next month. At the moment I don’t have other lemmings, besides Butter London Knackered, but I hope I’ll be able to get it soon. What about your fall wish lists? What colours are you wearing this season?


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