Random Acts of Self-Expression

When I first wrote about Rando, my desire to experiment with pictures was at its height. I’ve already explained why this app is so appealing to me and I still believe it’s so interesting because it holds a certain dose of mystery on those who send and receive pictures. At the same time, I must admit things have already started changing because of what is probably the main downside of the app: if you want it to work properly, you must activate geotagging and this literally sucks the life out of your phone battery. This is the reason why I think more and more users have recently disabled geotagging, thus bringing the concept the app is based on (anonymity) to its most extreme consequences. Now most of the pics I receive don’t have information on the place where they were taken, but the selection you can see here still had it.

Among them, you’ll see a gorgeous picture from Italy, some cute pets, girls from different locations and one of the favourite snaps I’ve received so far, a night pic from Washington. Don’t ask me why, but it reminds me of this Smashing Pumpkins video, so it’s not hard to see why I like it so much.

foto 5Rome, Italy

foto 1 (2)Moscow, Russia

foto 4 (2)Washington, U.S.A.

foto 2 (3)New Mexico, U.S.A.

foto 4 (1)Seoul, South Korea

foto 5 (2)North Carolina, U.S.A.

foto 2 (2)Pelotas, Brazil

foto 3 (4)Dallas, U.S.A.

foto 2 (5)Miami, U.S.A.

foto 1 (1)Saint Petersburg, Russia

foto 4 (3)Chicago, U.S.A.

foto 5 (1)Campo Grande, Brazil

foto 2North-East of England

foto 3 (5)Seoul, South Korea

foto 3 (2)Kurisan, South Korea

You can also see a pic from a (possibly) fellow nail polish addict, which makes me feel less alone in my obsession.

After previously writing about Rando, I know several readers have started using it. Would you like to share your experience in the comments? I’d love to hear from you about it!



  1. I don’t find that people have disabled their Geo tagging, only that the app is totally dominated by South Koreans taking pictures of their meals. And their socks.

    This is, in its own way, OK, because I’m starting to think of eggs in a totally new way, and if you accept that the app has this Korean culinary/sartorial paradigm, you learn to enjoy the subtleties of those items.

    1. You’re right. South Korea is the country with the highest number of Rando app users and they surely have their own style and food habits, which I find quite appealing, by the way.

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