Diary of a Nail Polish Addict: July 2013

July was a strange month for me. School was officially over but I had quite an important school exam to study for, so I didn’t have the chance to relax as I wished. Despite my hectic schedule, I was able to paint my nails quite often, so here is what I came up with.

6eeeb754e49b11e2a7d422000a9e0846_7L’Oreal Paradise Flower is a limited-edition shade from the Miss Pop summer 2013 collection – baby pink with gold, pink and fuchsia glitters in different shapes. Despite what it looks like in the bottle, the final result is not impressive at all. The consistency is a bit runny and a good coverage can be achieved with three coats. I applied a sparkling top coat (Essence Party Princess) to add a bit of sparkle, but the resulting mani still doesn’t convince me. I think the problem is the base, sheer and pretty dull; the same dullness can be found in the glitters, too. No need to say this nail polish has already hit my swap basket.

fc1d88b4e61011e2a62a22000aa803cb_7A nail polish that NEVER lets me down is a classic blue glitter bomb – Dorothy Who? by China Glaze, something I always turn to when I don’t feel like doing anything complicated. You can reach a perfect coverage with three coats.

e150b1cce7b511e2803b22000aaa07e6_7I did another layering experiment with three nail polishes I love – Essence Hazelnut Cream Pie (nude beige with pink/blue reflects, visible in the bottle only), Essence Space Queen (a glitter bomb in a nude base) and Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow (a gold glitter bomb). I’m not into neutral manicures, but I must admit I’m pretty satisfied with the result. I don’t think I’ll repeat it soon, though.

a5f3c444e97611e293e422000aaa09ed_7I’ve fallen for bright pink nail polishes only recently, but let me tell you they’re firmly sitting among my favourites. Mavala Honolulu and Candy Pink are just perfect: the first is a créme, the second has gorgeous metallic blue reflects. I did an alternating colour manicure with these two shades, and then I topped it with one of my favourite top coats – Essence Night in Vegas.

foto (1)I’ve written a lot about this topper, so you know it turns any manicure into a flakey wonder. Can you see the orange/copper gleams in the picture above? I know it’s a bit blurry, but the flakies are quite visible, aren’t they?

photo (1)Soon after taking my exam I wanted to try a technique I had read a lot about – the saran wrap mani. You can find lots of excellent tutorials online which explain exactly what you need to do it. I’m usually bad at nail art, but I can assure you this technique is really easy. All you need is a couple of possibly contrasting colours and some small wrapped pieces of plastic (I used plastic bags, cut into small pieces and wrapped into a ball, but you can also use plastic film). I painted my nails with two coats of Illamasqua Load (the best creamy white ever); I waited for my nails to be perfectly dry, then I put a bit of blue nail polish (I used Maybelline MNY 661, a nice iridescent blue shade) on a plastic plate and used the plastic balls to “sponge” the blue on the white base. This part can be quite messy but you’ll clean everything with some solvent at the end. My mani is not perfect but the marbled effect you can see on some nails is nice. The combination of white and blue is lovely because it screams “swimming pool”, but I think I’ll soon try others.

photoThe last two manicures of July 2013 were all about neon colours. I hate neon shades in clothing but I love them on nails. I did the alternating colour mani with Illamasqua Rare (the only neon yellow I know which looks perfect with three coats and no white base coat) and Essence L.O.L., a nice chartreuse créme shade. Trying to capture the neon quality of Rare was not easy, but the flash of my phone camera helped me a bit.

photoAnother neon shade which I have in my stash is Color Club What a Shock!, neon green with blue reflects. It’s a pity I don’t use it very often, since I usually wear it in summer only.

I haven’t bought any new nail polishes since June, but I’m waiting to get Rosie Lee by Butter London which I ordered a while ago. I don’t have anything special in my wish list either, but I’m sure the fall 2013 make-up collection will surely have something interesting in store. What about you? Do you have a go-to summer nail polish or do you take advantage of the summer break to leave your nails unpolished? Share your thoughts in the comments! xoxo


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