Christina Aguilera’s Style: Summer TCA Tour, July 27th, 2013

Things are getting started for the 5th season of The Voice and I’m more and more excited about it! Yesterday the vocal coaches took part into the NBC Universal’s 2013 Summer TV Critics Association Tour at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Adam Levine sported a brand-new look, but he wasn’t the one who stunned those in attendance. Our girl Christina flaunted her slim figure with a lovely pink dress, soon becoming the talk of the Internet town.

22I don’t know what she’s done to lose so much weight but kudos to her for reaching such a great result in such a short time. Sorry for commenting on her figure like this but look at her thighs: no cellulite, nothing, n-o-t-h-i-n-g.  She was really pretty in pink but her hair is not that good, in my opinion. I’m wondering why she got extensions again and didn’t stick to the sleek bob she sported some days ago.

lamiaI’m so glad she opted for another Azzedine Alaia dress, like she did while filming the music video for Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti. This is the Lamia dress – strapless, with a flirty skater pleated skirt and a squared neckline. Christina’s dress is baby pink, but I prefer the coral version.

ladypeepShe wore a pair of sky-high nude patent Lady Peep pumps by Christian Louboutin, an excellent choice.

bettinaChristina loves jewellery and it’s fantastic that she often wears pieces by emerging/not very famous designers. This time she picked rings, cuff bracelets and earrings by Bettina Javaheri. Her gold hoop earrings are embellished by a diamond pavé and a tiny snake head with turquoise eyes, while her stud earrings have white diamonds. Both her diamond rings have a snake shape. Her three cuff bracelets are embellished with diamonds, tiny snake heads and cute half-moon charms.

whoworeitbetterIf you are Mariah Carey fans or simply fashion nerds like me, you may remember the American singer wore the same dress back in April 2013. She paired it to a trench coat and to Tom Ford nude platform sandals with snake head buckles. Who do you think wore it better? The dress looks spectacular on Christina, but I prefer Mariah’s sandals.

Before closing, just a few words on Christina’s new look. I don’t want to sound nasty but her face looks a bit odd. I honestly think she had some Botox injections or did something to her face, since the cheek area looks motionless, as you can see when she smiles. Is this important? Not to me, because I don’t really care for her physical aspect; I mean, this is not the reason why I’m one of her fans. I’m a bit sad to see her change this way, though. She has always fought hard for self-acceptance (one of the recurring messages of her songs), so seeing her getting things done to her face and body to conform to the music business aesthetic rules is kind of sad. This is my opinion of course, based on the fact that I’m against aesthetic surgery and this type of body modifications [1], but as long as she’s happy with the way she looks like, I’m happy too.

[1] I’ve modified my body with tattoos (and I’m planning to get more), but I’m the one who shaves her head and doesn’t dye her grey hair, so my attitude towards the natural process of ageing is not conventional.




  1. Hiiii omg wasn’t she flawless

    Love her new alia phase she loves the designer and rightly so his designs flatter her body no doubt

    I agree i like how she chooses not so famous jewelry brands and she’s been keeping it simple with accessories lately which looks fantastic

    Thanks for the post

  2. Thank you for your post! Christina looks amazing although I knew you would not like her hair like this 😉 I mean, I really loved her with that bob, too.
    She looks very girly girl, here, and I prefer more sophisticated, yet sexy, outfits on her.

    I agree, she has probably done something with her face and it does not bother me, although I was very much disappointed after her booty job last year. Her body just started looking so unnatural. She is so beautiful but I’m worrying she starts looking like plastic. Yet again, I hope she finds her musical
    direction… hoy tengo ganas de ti sounded just breathtaking!

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