Christina Aguilera’s Style: Backstage at The Voice (Season 5)

I’m currently far from home for school/job reasons: I’ve been studying all day and I’m exhausted. I should be sleeping, or studying, or watching the latest episode of True Blood, but certainly not writing on my blog. The point is that something gets me when I receive information on Christina Aguilera’s outfits. My Twitter friend and huge Christina fan Jessica has just given me juicy news; I first thought to write about it on Wednesday, when I’m back home, but I simply can’t resist, so here we go.

31562_637255592953669_1848024056_nThis picture appeared on Internet some days ago: you can see the “historical” coaches of The Voice (Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Cee-Lo Green and Christina) sitting on couches, Carson Daly in the middle. Rumours about a possible return of Christina and Cee-Lo have been circulating for a while, but now we can safely assume they’re really coming back. As soon as I saw the picture, I started thinking about that sparkling short dress she’s wearing. At first I thought it was by Balmain, but I couldn’t find any evidence. For sure she’s wearing Christian Louboutin slingbacks, but the picture is too low-quality to see them in detail.

01When this picture was published, I realized the dress couldn’t be by Balmain, but I was still clueless. In the meantime, real life carried me away and I momentarily forgot about it, until tonight. According to Jessica, the designer of the little black number is Michael Cinco, who has recently gained popularity because his creations have been worn by Lady GaGa, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Brandy. I went through Impalpable Dream of Russia, his most recent collection presented at the Philippine Fashion Week (Holiday 2013), and my jaw dropped: the intricate embellishments, embroideries and decorations, the incredible array of materials used, the fairy-like shapes of the dresses surprised me a lot. I must admit I didn’t know much about this designer until this evening, but let me tell you he’s a Haute Couture master.

575393_504504299597264_380359877_nThe dress worn by Christina is a shorter version of the one above. I think it’s spectacular because it emphasizes the figure without being overtly sexy. It’s apparently made of stretch silk or doubled chiffon with a sparkling beaded overlay. The “net” effect is a refined touch. This is the first time she wears creations by Cinco, but I hope it won’t be the last. It’s great she’s supporting a designer who is still not world-wide famous and at the same time she’s changing her image once again. Now she’s sporting a short sleek bob and an incredibly slimmer figure. As Jessica told me on Twitter, I hate judging someone on weight/physical appearance, but the change her body has gone through is so evident that no one can deny it. Will this mean she’s found a new direction in her life and – hopefully – career? I really hope so!

02Another backstage picture has been recently published and it’s probably my favourite. She’s sitting with someone (Christina Milian?) and talking about her comeback at The Voice: she’s wearing a dark grey dress (or is it a cardigan and a long skirt? Hard to tell) and she’s barefoot! Her hair is side-parted this time, a hairstyle I love on her.

The fifth season of the programme will start at the end of September 2013, but in the meantime new Christina pics will surely be posted. I will try to identify her outfits as best as I can. As usual, if you have info about her outfits, drop me a line in the comments or on Twitter. Thanks! xoxo

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  1. OMG OMG OMG OMG ive been waiting for this she had the dress shortened it looks even better on her

    thanks u thank u thank u

    her makeover is awesome like a mashup of bionic and KGB but even better

    love . farah

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