I Put a Cherry on Top

Friday is not over yet, so here is a new guessing game. Don’t hate me but this week I’ve chosen quite a tricky theme – tv sets in movies. Whenever a television appears in a movie scene, the first thing I do is trying to identify the movie that it’s on, which is a sort of guessing game. For this reason, this week’s quiz has a Chinese-box structure: you must identify the movie where the screencap has been taken from but, if you want, you can also try to guess what’s on the tv.

tvset_guessinggame (4)tvset_guessinggame (5)tvset_guessinggame (3)tvset_guessinggame (1)tvset_guessinggame (4)tvset_guessinggame (2)tvset_guessinggame (2)tvset_guessinggame (1)tvset_guessinggame (3)Difficult? Yes, it is, but sometimes we just need intellectual challenges, right? My advice is always the same: focus on the background and on the setting, because they usually include a revealing detail. Another clue: most of the movies are American, but three of them are European; moreover, one screencap is taken from a TV film.

As usual, check this post back on Monday for my clues and on Tuesday for the solution and the name of the winner. Good luck and enjoy ♥ xoxo

tv_solutionDifficult, right? But I think it’s been intriguing at the same time. I’m sure Alessandro enjoyed it a lot: he guessed seven pictures right and he also guessed the programme or film on the tv in the screencap! The second best was Camilla, who guessed four pictures right, followed by Beatrina and Manuela, who guessed three pictures right. Congratulations everybody: this game was a tough cookie. Now try to recover your energies because a new guessing game is on its way. xoxo ♥




  1. prof, questa volta son difficilone.
    4.Sleepless in Seattle, Annie sta guardando An Affaire To Remember.
    5.Jackie Brown (l’ho dedotto dalla citazione nel titolo, lo ammetto)
    7.potrebbe essere un film italiano perchè la TV mi sembra uguale a quella che avevano i miei nonni negli anni 80, ma di più non mi viene in mente.
    8.The man who fell to earth, quello di spalle mi pare Bowie in versione pel di carotino.

    1. 4. Sì.
      5. Sì. Beh, il titolo serve anche come aiuto.
      7. E’ un film italiano – Caro diario di Nanni Moretti.
      8. E’ proprio lui.

  2. Molto difficile ma intrigante : )
    Allora io al momento penso di aver riconosciuto:
    3: Caro diario
    4: Love affair (il remake con Annette Bening e Warren Beatty, in tv appare un frame dello stesso film con Deborah Kerr e Gary Grant)
    7: Munich?

  3. 4. Sleepless in Seattle (Nora Ephron, 1993): Deborah Kerr in An Affair to Remember (Leo McCarey, 1957)

    5. Jackie Brown (Quentin Tarantino, 1997): Chicks who love Guns è il tv-show che Ordell (Samuel L. Jackson) guarda e commenta insieme a Louis (De Niro)

    6. The Girl (Julian Jarrold, 2012): Sienna Miller nel ruolo di Tippi Hedren quando, nella scena iniziale del film tv, viene vista in televisione – e dunque scoperta – da Alma (Imelda Staunton) e Alfred Hitchcock (Toby Jones)

    7. Good Bye, Lenin! (Wolfgang Becker, 2003): l’ultimo finto telegiornale nel quale si annunciano le dimissioni di Erich Honecker (oltre a lui si riconoscono bene anche Gorbachev e Raissa sulla sinistra) e la successione del cosmonauta tedesco Jhan

    8. David Bowie in The Man Who Fell to Earth (Nicolas Roeg, 1976)

    9. Singles (Cameron Crowe, 1992): Jane Russell e Mary McCarty nel numero Any Gal from Texas dal film The French Line (Lloyd Bacon, 1953)

  4. Hungry for clues?
    Here they are!
    1. This is considered a cult-movie from the 1990s, but I’ve always found it pointless and boring. The characters are supposed to be cool, but I like only one of them. Nice soundtrack, though.
    2. Awesome (and very successful) dramatic movie from 2011 directed by a cutting-edge film-maker. The protagonist is an incredibly handsome and talented actor.
    3. Italian movie from the 1990s. The director is probably the most self-centred Italian film-maker ever.
    4. Romantic US comedy from the 1990s. The actors who play the main roles will act together in a film some years later.
    5. One of my favourite movies, a dramatic film from the 1990s. American director, awesome soundtrack, stellar cast. The protagonist was a star in the 1970s.
    6. No clues here. I bet everybody knows the actress of the picture.
    7. European movie from the ’00. Very original plot, based on the contrast between past and present.
    8. Science-fiction film from the 1970s. The protagonist is VERY famous not only as an actor.
    9. Another US comedy from the 1990s, symbol of a certain cultural phase. This is one of my favourite films ever – its setting and the music are just magic.

  5. Ok la 4 è Sleepless in Seattle e non Love Affair
    n.8: David Bowie in L’uomo caduto sulla terra (suggeritomi dal mio amico e collega Alessio che si è appassionato anche lui al FGG)

  6. Mise en abyme and screens-within-screens are possibly my favourite thing ever in films (in fact, part of my dissertation will focus on that). However, I struggled to identify the frames and really needed your hints. My guesses are as follows:
    2- Drive (great film!)
    3- I don’t know the film but I am guessing you are referring to Nanni Moretti. I’m just going to randomly say “Caro Diario”
    7- Goodbye, Lenin!
    8- I’m pretty sure that’s David Bowie. I haven’t watched the film, but I’m guessing it’s Labyrinth.

    1. 2. Yes.
      3. I was totally referring to him. The movie is Caro diario indeed.
      7. Right!
      8. He’s David Bowie but the movie is The Man Who Fell to Earth, not Labyrinth.

  7. ne aggiungo altri due:

    2. Drive (Nicolas Winding Refn, 2011)

    3. Caro diario (Nanni Moretti, 1993): Moretti, incantato davanti alla tv del bar, imita le mosse di Silvana Mangano che danza e canta, doppiata da Flo Sandon’s, El Negro Zumbon nel film Anna di Lattuada (1951)

  8. 1. Dall’aiuto direi American Pie, ma la sto sparando
    4. Insonnia d’amore
    5. Jacky Brown
    6. Lei è Sienna Miller, il film è The Girl?
    8. L’uomo che cadde sulla terra
    Sono sicura di aver visto il secondo, ma non riesco proprio a ricordarmelo…

    1. 1. Ehm, no. Tra l’altro, American Pie è un film che non ho mai visto.
      2. Sì.
      5. Sì.
      6. Esatto.
      8. Sì.

      Il secondo frame è tratto da Drive.

  9. Io so solo la 4, Sleepless in Seattle, e lo screencap è An Affair To Remember con Deborah Kerr nella tv. XX

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