Christina Aguilera’s Style: Performing at The Voice Finale, June 18th, 2013

… and she’s baaack! After some weeks M.I.A., Christina made her comeback in the public eye with a live performance which opened the finale of “her” show, The Voice. The 4th season of the talent show ended yesterday and Christina wanted to celebrate it with Pitbull. They performed their hit Feel the Moment in the studio where Christina has worked for two years.

06Didn’t she look amazing? I’m not referring to her shape (of course she’s slimmed down) because that’s not the point. She looked happy and full of energy, so I hope she’s really regained forces to go back in track. She wore a sexy outfit emphasizing her curves – a hot pink bra, a metal mesh cropped top, a black bandage skirt and platform peep-toe pumps with crystal heels.

herveHer high-waist skirt is obviously by Hervé Léger. I think it’s from the Resort 2010 collection because it feature a criss-cross effect on the lower hem.

croppedtopThe mesh top hides a mystery, but I hope I’ve got it right. I asked Simone Harouche (Christina’s stylist) to tell me more about it and she explained it’s a Paco Rabanne garment. This would be quite obvious, since the Spanish designer who founded the fashion house is the master of metal mesh clothing. While looking for images of the top on Internet, I stumbled over the steel mesh and oxidized ring top by the London-based designer Fannie Schiavoni. I compared Christina’s pics and that pic and I realized she was wearing THAT top. Important details are the metal ring “stitching” on the sides and shoulders. Long story short, I think the top is actually by Schiavoni.

miumiu2She wore a pair of beautiful Miu Miu silver and black platform peep-toe pumps with crystal heels. You may remember she had worn them last March at the 26th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards.

whoworeitInternet is a mine of curiosities, so guess who wore the same metal mesh top before Christina? None other than her frenemy, Britney Spears! Britney wore it over a Paco Rabanne top and matching skirt with metal mesh inserts and silver Gio Diev Nikko III pumps. Forgive me but this is a “who wore it best” moment. I honestly pick Britney because I love the blue shade of her top and skirt and I think her outfit develops the metal mesh theme better. This doesn’t change the fact that Christina looked fantastic.

tumblr_momcojM6Sy1qim5c4o1_500Awww, sexy (click on the picture if you don’t see it moving)! Christina’s side-swept hair, smokey eyes and natural lips, plus that stunning pair of sparkling earrings, were flawless. I hope she won’t change anything in the make-up/hair department because she’s reached perfection.

Now it’s official she’ll be back for the 5th season of The Voice, which is quite disappointing (at the end of the 3rd season she announced she would focus on her music and everybody knows it didn’t happen), but every cloud has a silver lining: writing weekly reports about her outfits will be great.




  1. Christina looks so younger and fresh! I loved this summer look! I prefer more this look on Christina than Brit. That pic of Brit she look old stiffed!OMG I want those Miu Miu Crystal heels that Christina wore last night on The Voice

    1. Britney’s outfit is better than Christina’s, in my opinion, but it didn’t look that good on her, I agree.
      Those Miu Miu heels are to die for!

  2. I’m also “Team Christina”- i looooove the tone of blue in Britney’s outfit, but personally I find the length of her skirt quite unflattering. I also really like the unexpected pop of pink of C’s bra, it accents an otherwise “matchy-matchy” black/ metallic coloured outfit.
    I loved C’s red lips, but I think she’s looking really amazing with more nude make up, hope she keeps up all her good work!

    1. The nude make-up she’s been sporting since the last season of The Voice is so flattering on her. It makes her look younger and fresher.
      I agree on the unflattering length of Brit’s skirt, but I like how the outfit was put together.

    1. I’ve always liked Christina and not Britney, so I kind of agree with you. But one must give Britney credit for looking good recently. I’m glad she seems to feel better now, after all she’s gone through.

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