He’s Forgotten About the Magic Cave

When they say that time flies, well, it’s not a metaphor. I’ve just realized I started posting my movie guessing games three (yes, T-H-R-E-E) years ago, and the very first was about one of my personal obsessions – bath tubs. For the occasion, I’ve decided to put up a new guessing game with the same theme. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

bath_tub_gg (1)

bath_tub_gg (1)

bath_tub_gg (2)

bath_tub_gg (2)

bath_tub_gg (3)

bath_tub_gg (4)

bath_tub_gg (5)

bath_tub_gg (6)

bath_tub_gg (7)As usual, write your guesses in the comments. I will publish the results and the name of the winner next Monday. Are you ready? Start racking your brains, make your memory work, don’t use GoogleImages (no cheating!) and may the best competitor win ♥

bathtub solution


Monday evening: time for solutions and the name of the winner. I must admit this guessing game was not easy because some of the movies are not exactly famous. In any case, we have a winner! Incorporella complained she was able to recognize the screencaps from romantic comedies only, but that’s not a problem, in my opinion, because all her five guesses were right. Well done, girl!

Stay tuned for the next Friday Guessing Game, which will be online from Friday 17th to Monday 21st, and thanks to all the competitors.



  1. 2. Melancholia! (I was wainting for this screencap! I thought about you actually when I saw the movie…)
    3. Life as we know it (con l’indimenticata Lizzy di Grey’s Anatomy…)
    5. The Brave one
    7. The Jane Austen Book Club
    8. Once upon a Time in America

    PS. e comunque tre anni fa eri molto piú clemente! 🙂

    Share the love! Ale

    1. 2. Yes. I know! It’s impossible not to include a screencap from that scene in a bath-tub guessing game.
      3. Yes.
      5. No.
      7. Yes.
      8. No.

      PS: ah, dici? Erano più facili i quiz?

      Share the love ♥ xoxo

  2. Let’s see if my memory still works- I’ve had an intense week and my brain is trying to recover 😉
    2- Melancholia
    4- Les 400 Coups
    7- 25th Hour
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    1. 2. Yes
      4. No
      7. No

      Sorry but only 1 guess is correct. Never mind, though: you know guessing games are just for fun! xoxo

  3. Ecco i miei tentativi. Ovviamente (tranne uno) ho riconosciuto solo le commedie romantiche. Forse dovrei cambiare genere?
    1. Baby Boom
    2. Melancholia
    3. Life as we know it (tra l’altro l’ho visto tipo 2 settimane fa!)
    7.The Jane Austen Book Club (lei è la fidanzata di Shannon di Lost, in questo film, se non ricordo male).
    9. Departures (ma questo me l’ha suggerito un mio cliente che mi ha beccata mentre stavo giocando stamattina in negozio…devo ammetterlo prof…non so se vale).
    Gli altri…ahimè…non sono film abbastanza mainstream perchè io li abbia guardati!

    1. Le commedie romantiche sono divertenti! Perché cambiare?
      Veniamo alle risposte:
      1. Sì
      2. Sì
      3. Sì
      7. Esatto. Film carino! Non ho mai visto Lost, quindi non so dirti se l’attrice che nel film era la sua fidanzata fosse anche in Lost.
      9. Bravo il cliente! Film bellissimo, che mi è stato consigliato da una collega a scuola.

      Siamo a 5 indovinate, eh. Molto bene.

    1. Brava! Entrambe corrette.

      Concordo: è uno dei temi che preferisco, secondo solo (forse) alle piscine.

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