Diary of a Nail Polish Addict: April 2013

April was an incredibly busy and kind of hard month for me. Besides my job at school, we had some family issues (big changes ahead, and adjusting to them won’t be easy), so I didn’t really focus on my nail challenge as much as I wanted to. Furthermore, I deleted my Instagram account out of boredom, so the concept itself of monthly challenge had lost its meaning, but still here we go with it.

20130401-014316.jpgThe cuteness overload of the pastel cats above announce the theme of the nail challenge – pastel nails – which sounds perfect for spring-time, right? Despite my enthusiasm, let me tell you the truth: when I decided the theme, I had no idea of its difficulty! I had some pastel nail polishes in my stash, but at the certain point of the month I stopped because I was tired of wearing subdued shades only. I’m a die-hard fan of brights and I’ve realized how much I love them only thanks to this challenge. Every cloud has a silver lining, though, so this experience has taught me to select the theme of my nail challenges more carefully.

foto 1The first polish I wore was Mellow Yellow by Max Factor. It’s a nice pastel yellow shade, but you can see I had some application issues. I applied three coats of it, but it was still this streaky! Uneven application is a recurring problem I had with some pastel nail polishes, but this one was among the worst I’ve ever tried.

fotoI used Layla Rocky Nail as a base, and probably it wasn’t the right one. Before putting in my swap basket, I want to apply it over a coat of Nfu Oh Aqua Base, to see how it works with it. It’s a pity the manicure was far from being perfect: the real shade is more similar to the picture on the left, but it strangely came out more butter white than pastel yellow.

foto 2The second shade I wore was is 339, a stunning cornflower shade by Kiko. I love Kiko nail polishes because most of them have a jelly texture which make them really easy to apply. I love blue nail polishes and I have many of them, but I’ve never had anything like this in my stash. Very unique colour, which I think will be even more flattering on a tanned skin.

foto 2If you are regular readers of this blog, you surely know that Essence is probably my favourite nail polish brand – great shades and cheap prices! Upper Green Side is one of the latest additions to my Essence collection: it’s a nice grass green shade with a creme texture. I applied two coats of it and achieved perfect coverage. This nail polish is not on the runny side; it’s not thick either, but it’s thicker than most Essence varnishes I own.

foto 1 (1)This challenge gave the chance to re-discover two China Glaze beauties from my collection: Agent Lavender (pastel violet) and Fairy Dust (a multicolour glitter top coat). Unfortunately April was a rainy month, so I couldn’t take any good pictures to show you the glory of the top coat.foto 2 (1)These indoor pics show you a bit how complex Fairy Dust is. The multicolour glitters are suspended in a clear base (this is actually quite thick); it’s not a top coat which drastically changes the base colour, but it simply enhances it. In the first picture above you can see the glitters are green, blue and pink.

foto 1Another Essence shade which was sitting untried in my stash was That’s What I Mint!, a mint green shade with an imperceptible shimmer. I used it with Chanel Peridot to do a half-moon manicure. Even if my nail painting skills are poor, I’m very happy with the result.foto 2I think the combination of mint green (which looks like pastel blue, too) and gold green is sublime. Peridot is great when combined to blue shades (some years ago I did another half-moon mani with it and a metallic sapphire shade, another great combo), but this shade makes it really pop!

foto 1I’m not a fan of pastel pink colours, but I reached for the only pastel pink shade I own to complete the challenge. I’m referring to China Glaze Something Sweet, which I decided to make less dull with a dazzling top coat. foto 2I opted for NYX Girls Dreamy Glitter, a pink-based glitter bomb which includes multicolour glitters in different sizes and adorable metallic pink stars. The problem is that you can feel them on your nails even if you apply a generous amount of top coat. It may be a personal issue, but I really hate feeling the edges of the stars whenever I touch my nails (which I do quite often); for this reason, I don’t use it very often and, in any case, I remove it after a couple of days (I can’t resist longer!).

foto 1The last manicure features another mint green shade – China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint, a creme nail polish with no shimmer. I bought it some years ago, when the mint green fever, sparked by Chanel Jade, exploded. Re-Fresh Mint can’t be compared in any way to the Chanel shade, but it kind of quenched my desire for a mint green nail colour. It’s one of my favourite nail polishes but it must be applied with a certain care, since it’s a bit runny. I applied two coats of it.foto 2Instead of keeping it simple (or boring), I added some sparkle: I used two glitter top coats by Essence, Confetti Circus (multicolour glitter bomb) and Glorious Aquarius (containing blue, green and silver glitters). The idea was applying the glitters near the cuticles but I didn’t succeed in my attempt. I really love how the glitters contrast with the pastel base, but the scattered application is a let-down, I know.

There will be no nail challenges in the upcoming months, because I know I won’t have time enough to devote to my nails, but I’ll try to do them quite often, so as to show you the results. I hope you’ll enjoy them ♥


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