There’s Something in the Oysters!

Last week, after months of silence, I decided to bring back movie guessing games, one of my (not so secret) passions. All the friends who used to take part into the competition were happy to see the return of this weekly appointment, so here we go with another one. This time I’ve chosen one of my favourite themes – food. I love eating and cooking and I firmly believe that appreciating food is one of the best pleasures in life. Movies sometimes give us scenes featuring sumptuously decked tables or lavish feasts; other times, the food or drinks featured are much simpler or poorer. Whatever the case, if you love movies and food like I do, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this game.

As usual, all the comments will be moderated. The deadline for your guesses is Sunday 5th at midnight (plenty of time!), so I’ll publish the results on Monday morning. Forget GoogleImages and just make your memory work!










solutionHere is the solution of this food-themed guessing game. This week the winner is Alessia, who guessed four screencaps right; the second best is Cinzia, who guessed two pictures right, followed by Manuela and Anna, who guessed one pic right. Thanks a lot for taking part into the quiz and stay tuned for another one (soon, I promise)!



  1. Ok, proviamoci di nuovo:

    1. Marie Antonette
    3. Amelie
    7. The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover
    8. Portiere di notte
    9. Dark shadows (ma questa è facile, l’ho appena visto!)

  2. Faccio subito che da domani sarò in vacanza e conto di evitare accuratamente di connettermi : ).
    1: Marie Antoinette
    5: Il sospetto
    7: la grande abbuffata

    Sempre fantastico il tema cibo.

  3. 1. Blooming tea in Marie Antoinette
    3. Meringue Lemon Pie in Toast (I love that scene!)
    4. The Age of the Innocence
    5. Arsenic and old lace
    6. Ghost World
    9. DARK SHADOW! (visto da pochissimo!)

    Lova lova.

    1. 1. Yes
      2. Yes!!! Sei una delle poche persone che conosco ad aver visto questo film. Carino, vero?
      4. No
      5. No
      6. Yes
      9. Sure

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