Big Girls Need Big Diamonds

This movie guessing game comes quite unexpected, doesn’t it? The point is that it’s been sitting in the drafts for months but only today, which has been a particularly hard day, I realized its time had come. I simply felt the need to focus on something beautiful, and what is more beautiful than jewellery, diamonds and pearls? I can’t see anything like this in my future (I’ve actually stopped wearing any jewellery), but a girl can always dream of sporting one of these beauties, right?

The rules of the game are always the same: leave Google Images alone, rack your brains and leave your guesses in the comments. The game will end on Sunday night, so I’ll publish the results and the name of the winner on Monday morning. Good luck everybody ♥

ImmagineI know it was quite hard to guess the movies where the screencaps had been taken from, but I loved this theme so much that I decided to do it anyway. Thanks to all those who took some time to write their guesses in the comments; it means a lot to me, especially after such a long silence from me when it comes to the guessing games. Btw, we have a winner: Cinzia guessed three pictures right! Well done  ♥



  1. Finally! I was wondering when guessing games would be back, what a lovely surprise!
    I’m just giving it a try, as I’m not very good when it comes to jewels:
    4- The Age of Innocence
    6- Rushmore

  2. 1. Scarface
    2. Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet
    3. Notorious
    4. The Madness of King George
    5. Moulin Rouge
    6. Wes Anderson’s Rushmore
    7. Sleepless in Seattle
    8. Interview with the Vampire

      1. ammetto che Sleepless in seattle l’ho beccato solo ed esclusivamente perché avevo sottomano un giornale di gossip dove si parlava di anelli di fidanzamento in film famosi (e di come fossero diventati piú giganti con il passare degli anni) e c’era quella stessa identica foto! 🙂

  3. Ci provo:
    1: Il club delle prime mogli
    2: Zorro?
    6: A proposito di Schimdt?
    7: la neve nel cuore
    8: Dracula di Bram Stoker?

    1. Sìììì! Non so come mai, ma l’ho visto in approvazione solo ieri. Ora lo rileggo con calma e riguardo la classifica.

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