Diary of a Nail Polish Addict: March 2013

March 2013 was such a busy month! After the February red nail challenge, I decided to do another one, a holo nail challenge. You know I love holographic nail polishes, so I wanted to try most of the ones I own. I also tried Nfu Oh Aqua Base for the first time and you’ll see the wonders it works under holo varnishes. Are you ready for an overdose of rainbow-tinted nails? Here we go!

33674bc2827d11e2ad1322000a9e28e6_7The hologram of Tupac Shakur, Jem and the Holograms and a random globe hologram introduced my challenge on Instagram.


The first nail polish I wore last month had been sitting in my stash for a while. It’s Wild at Heart by Color Club, a fantastic purple with blue, fuchsia and silver holo glitters.

21f2cda884b711e2a73f22000a9e28ad_7This shade is part of a collection with the same name, released in fall 2009. It’s a fantastic polish, even if I’m not a fan of purple shades. The first thing that drew me to it was the name, which reminded me of one of my favourite David Lynch movies. Unfortunately I decided to use a top coat over two coats of polish, so you can’t appreciate the holo beauty of it. This is one of the lessons I learnt last month: top coats work as a light shield on most holo nail polishes because they literally tone the effect down.

b04a64b687ec11e2a96422000a1fbc12_7Another thing I’ve learned is that Layla Hologram Effect nail polishes are the best out there, because their holographic effects are stunning, so strong if compared to other holo polishes. I put some top coat on them, too, and I must admit I didn’t regret it. It’s true that the holo effect was a bit toned down, but not so much as it happened with other nail polishes; furthermore, they lasted much longer. You may remember my complaint about them was their poor longevity, so I’m really happy I’ve found a solution to it.

3cd58ed887ed11e2a97a22000a9f18aa_7Red Taboo is a stunner, a bright fuchsia shade with orange, gold, pink and silver holo glitters. What’s not to love in it? You can see the holo effect despite the top coat, which I applied over two coats of nail polish.

foto 1The worst nail polish I tried for the challenge was N140 by Pupa. This is my first (and I think last) nail polish by Pupa, and I was really displeased with it. I’m a sucker for silver nail polishes, so I was pretty excited to give this shade a try. The colour is fantastic – cool silver with rainbow holo glitters – but everything else was a nightmare.

foto 2When I applied it, I hadn’t received Aqua Base yet and the result showed it – bald spots with two coats, something which I hate when it comes to holographic nail polishes. Being unable to apply the nail varnish evenly is one of the worst frustrations for a nail polish addict, especially when the colour is so pretty. Another downside was the brush, too short, making the application a pain. Despite the bad experience, I think I’ll give it another try, applying it over Aqua Base: I hope it will help to avoid the bald spots. In this case I applied the top coat, but you can see the green, purple and blue holo glitters shining through.

foto 1Layla holographic nail polishes cannot be tamed by a top coat, as shown by Flash Black, one of my favourite shades. Its main flaw is the application – bald spots here, too, even with three thin coats – but the holo effect is so strong that they’re not so visible.

foto 2Isn’t it amazing? The base is more dark grey than black, but it’s the rainbow holo effect which makes it special. You can see how it changes according to the light: it explodes with purple, blue, gold  and green reflects under the light of the flash.

foto 2This is an experiment gone wrong. I applied one of my favourite silver shades – Worth the Risque by Color Club, from the spring 2009 Femme Fatale collection, but I applied a top coat on it which killed the holo effect. I shouldn’t have applied it because Color Club varnishes usually last long, so I guess I simply made a wrong consideration. All my pictures were taken with the iPhone 4S camera and no filter, but in this case I used the Instagram filter Mayfair to show the holo effect.

foto 1Multicolour holo glitters are more visible under the light of the flash. This is another shade I really want to use again with no top coat. I applied two coats of it.

foto 1This challenge gave me the chance to rediscover treasures hidden in my stash. It’s the case of China Glaze IDK, from the OMG collection, released in 2009. I got it in a swap some years ago but I used it only a couple of times. Looking at the magnificent holo effect of it, I can’t understand why I haven’t used it more often.

foto 3OMG is a dusty light purple which explodes under the light of the flash. The holo glitters are multicolour: I can see some orange, dark purple, red, gold, green and blue in it.

fotoIn daylight it’s a light purple/lilac with a frosty finish, but when the sun comes out, the holo effect peeks through. I was lucky enough to have a sunny day when I shot these pictures, so I took advantage of the rare sunrays to show you what it looks like. I applied two coats and didn’t use any top coat, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t erase the holo effect.

fotoI had already worn Layla Hologram Effect in Ocean Rush before, but this time I used Nfu Oh Aqua Base, too. I read lots of interesting reviews of this base, but it took me a while to find it for sale at a European online store. If you love holographic nails, you must grab a bottle at all costs because it really changes the approach to holos, which are usually difficult to work with. The first advantage? No bald spots and a flawless application, which is important when you use Layla varnishes, for example. The second advantage is that it makes the holo effect pop. I’ve never understood why many nail polish addicts love it so much but now I know: it’s not a common base because its consistency is kind of gluey and forms an even layer on the nail. I’m so glad I bought it! Now I can really cave in my holo passion without feeling frustrated by patchy nails. As for Ocean Rush, it’s a spectacular bright blue with silver, green, orange and gold holo glitters. I applied two coats and no top coat; it lasted a couple of days without any chips, which is a record for me.

foto 2Ok, this entry is a bit of a cheat, but I couldn’t resist writing about it. I purchased Across the Universe by Enchanted Polish along with Aqua Base; it’s described as a multichrome holo nail polish, so I was looking forward to testing it and seeing what it looked like in real life. The multicolour holo effect is visible only under the light of the flash, but the multichrome quality… well, that is simply amazing! It shifts from emerald to dark sapphire to purple under the flash, while it’s a beautiful pale lilac with metallic blue reflects and fine silver glitters in daylight.

28f533f0948b11e2892122000a9f13f9_7A very famous Layla Hologram Effect shade is Misty Blush. I’ve seen it everywhere, especially on Instagram and Tumblr, and it’s not hard to see why. The base is dark plum and – again – the holo glitters are colourful and vibrant like a rainbow.

8809a920948b11e2940222000a1fbd52_7I applied to two coats of it on a coat of Aqua Base: no bald spots and an amplified holo effect, visible in daylight, too.

20053a56994511e2b1d222000a1fb859_7The end of the month was getting near and I thought things in the holo world couldn’t get any better, when I met Mermaid Spell. The name of this shade is perfect because it really catches its essence. It’s an icy light blue which looks silver under a certain type of light. Of course it shows all its beauty under the light of the flash.

cf8ad9b4994411e2979d22000aaa0925_7I am in awe. The purple, blue, acid green and gold holo glitters are incredible, aren’t they? I’m so glad I was able to find a bottle of it at a local make-up shop, because it seems it’s quite hard to find. I couldn’t find another polish of the collection I had been lemming for a while – Mercury Twilight – but I bought it on eBay the same night. I can’t wait to try it on!!!

I really enjoyed doing this nail challenge. I must admit I caught myself staring at my nails a couple of times, stupid and embarassing, I know 😉 The challenge took place on Instagram: most of the entries were mine, but I got some help from a friend, too.

f13b81ec8f0a11e28a8922000a1faffc_7 bf7a4f62908611e2a94622000a1fbd9f_7The ever-charming Niteswimmer sent me one of her manicures: she used Deborah Milano Shine Tech no. 64 (metallic grey) as a base and topped it with Essence Glitter on Me, a silver glittery base with multicolour holo tiny “strings” in it. I’ve never bought such an artsy topper but I could really consider it, because the effect on a shining base is lovely.

On Instagram a new nail challenge has started – April is all about pastels – so if you want to give your contribution, post your pastel manicure pics there with the tag #sqpastelschallenge. xoxo



  1. ” il mio nome é Jem , sono una cantante…”
    Jem e le h.? Il gruppo piú “figo” di tutti i tempi!.

    Cosa mi dici di Courtney Love che nell’ad di SL sembra vomitare sul pavimento?,imo il giusto completamento di ma collezione spazzatura.Con tutto il rispetto per la Courtney dei 90s.

    1. Concordo! Erano troppo avanti per gli anni ’80 😉

      Ma sai che mi hai letto nel pensiero? Ho proprio in cantiere un post su quella campagna-stampa. Non mi dispiace Courtney Love, anzi, trovo la sua presenza quasi doverosa, visto che è l’ispirazione della collezione. Mi disturba un po’ l’immagine in cui ha la coroncina (sembra più giovane di me, alla faccia di Photoshop), ma il resto degli scatti che la vedono protagonista mi piace. Quello che mi ha lasciata interdetta è la presenza di Kim Gordon… ma spiegherò bene perché.

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