Diary of a Nail Polish Addict: February 2013


February was an incredibly hectic month in my personal life and in my country. I was super-busy at school (nothing new here) but I tried to find some time to focus on writing. At the same time, I realized my long-time love story with fashion has probably come to an end. This doesn’t mean I will no longer write about it but I’ve surely changed my attitude. I hope I’ll be able to take some time to focus on this issue, which I think must be explained better.

As for my country, we currently no Prime Minister nor government, no President of the Republic and no Pope (he resigned on February 28th). Last week-end we had the general elections  but the situation is very confused and people can’t figure out what will happen next.

Despite the situation, or maybe thanks to it, I decided to do something special for the February instalment of my Diary of a Nail Polish Addict: I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I thought it was nice to devote all my manicures to one of my favourite colours, symbol of love: red. I started this project on Instagram and I tried to do my best to respect the rule. It wasn’t easy because in the meantime I received a polish I’m dying to try, but I did it! Besides my manicures, I included a picture by Kit, one of my Instagram friends, who was kind enough to take part into the project. I hope you’ll enjoy it ♥

essence fateful desire #1I started the challenge with a beautiful deep crimson shade, Fateful Desire by Essence. This is part of an old collection by the German brand; I own it in the old bottle, but I think you can find something similar in the more recent collections, too. I applied two coats and a coat of Essence Quick Dry on top. You may remember I used this colour for a half-moon manicure combining red and silver.

foto 1One of my favourite red nail polishes is Ruby Pumps by China Glaze. Dorothy’s iconic red slippers have inspired many nail polish brands, but I think China Glaze  has been really able to turn the mesmerizing glittering of the shoes into a nail polish. The formula is just perfect – not thick, nor runny – and the effect of the red glitters peeking through the red jelly base is simply amazing. I applied three coats and Essence Quick Dry top coat.

290a57ac745211e28e6622000a9f0a1a_7Deborah Lippmann was inspired by the ruby slippers, too: the result is another stunning colour, Ruby Red Slippers. In this case, red glitters in different sizes and shapes are scattered in a black sheer base. The nail artist didn’t design this shade “to be worn as solid glitter… just speckles here and there”, so as to achieve a “deconstructed” look. Sorry, but I prefer to apply three coats of it. The black sheer polish, applied in one coat, is not for me.

67c34fce75bc11e2816b22000a9f17df_7February was a snowy month here, so I took advantage of a white background and of a rare sunny day to snap the picture above. I was wearing another stunner from my collection, OPI You Rock-a-pulco Red!, from the Mexico collection released in 2006. It’s a neon bright medium red with a pink undertone and a fine shimmer. It’s an original take on the classic red nail polish, very unique. I applied two coats and Essence Quick Dry as top coat.

foto 2I finally had the chance to do a proper manicure using a nail polish I bought in London in early January. It’s Blood Orange, a warm and super-glossy shade from the Gelly Hi-Shine collection by Barry M. This is the one and only Barry M nail polish I own and I’m very happy with it. The incredible shine of this colour is probably its most notable quality, but the longevity (very important for me) is good, too. Blood Orange is probably the ONLY nail polish I own which is opaque in one coat; I applied two coats (not necessary, but it’s hard to change habits) and Essence Better Than Gel Nails top sealer as top coat.

fotoAnother warm red shade I own is Madrid by Mavala, a classic medium red. Two coats are enough to get a good coverage; I also applied one coat of Essence Better Than Gel Nails top sealer. I tried to do a heart manicure using Madrid as background, but the result was quite crappy, so I decided to remove everything and to keep things simple.

fotoRed My Fortune Cookie by OPI was released in 2010 as part of the Hong Kong collection. I got it for a couple of euros at a nail polish clearance in a local perfume shop and I’m so happy for the bargain, because this is a spectacular shade. It’s a bright red shade with warm orange undertones which don’t really show on me. It applies like a dream, so easy to work with! Two coats are enough to achieve perfect coverage; I sealed the manicure with Essence Better Than Gel Nails top coat. If you like the shade, you can see it in detail in a short video I posted on Vine.

b11bf6307daf11e2984e22000a9d0de0_7Niteswimmer was so kind to post a picture of her lovely almond-shaped nails painted in red. She used an “anonymous mini nailpolish by H&M, old but trusty.” The colour is a classic red, which beautifully contrasts with her grey knitted sweater and grey-ish background.

I think devoting a month to a manicure theme or to a colour is an interesting idea. Do you agree? Maybe I could devote April to pastels as a homage to the beginning of spring. What do you think about it?



  1. Well done! Seeing this post I can really tell why red is a classic you can always fall back on! I really wanted to participate, but somehow this month I could never find the right moment to sit down and do my nails. If I had taken part, I would have sported an OPI polish, either Big Apple Red or Monsooner or Later (India collection)- my bad.

    1. Big Apple Red is a gorgeous colour 🙂

      Don’t worry: I’ll try to do more monthly challenges in the future, so you’ll have the chance to be part of them, if you wish.

  2. wow, thanks for the feature! Love all your reds, the Barry M. is soo shiny and pretty. And I’d buy Ruby Pumps by China Glaze if I found it.

    1. You’re welcome 🙂
      Well, the BarryM nail polish was a nice surprise. It’s very cheap but it has a good quality and longevity, and it’s super-glossy, too!
      Ruby Pumps is a classic. I’m sure you’ll love it.

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