Long Time No Write

I haven’t disappeared, but I’ve just stopped writing for a while. This is quite unusual for me: writing has always been a sort of cure-all therapy, but it’s clear it’s not working this time. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to devote to my passions right now (writing is among them), which fills my heart with sadness and leaves it empty.

tumblr_m1i4fipqHQ1r1x67eI’ve been feeling a bit like Nicki recently (minus the hot pink stiletto heels and wig). Most of the days end with me lying in bed, exhausted but the head buzzing with ideas and good purposes. Isn’t it frustrating when you would like to do many things but realize you don’t have the time/strength to do them all? This year teaching is sucking all my mental and physical energies and I can assure you there’s not much of me left, if you take them out.

But now enough with complaining and whining. My head is still buzzing with ideas, so it’s time to get things going again. I’m looking forward to posting about American Horror Story: Asylum, whose finale has just aired in the United States; I’ll be focusing on a very interesting character from the costume point of view. I’m also writing something about my new favourite perfume (this will be a surprise, I promise) and I’m counting the days to the 2013 Academy Awards. It’s not an exciting writing plan, but someone needs something to start from, right? xoxo



  1. Posso dirti una cosa? Quanto ti capisco… Quando torno a casa stanca dal lavoro vorrei solo mettermi a sedere comoda alla scrivania e scrivere e scaricare foto e alla fine finisco per leggere le mail e andare a letto. Ci vuole una vacanza, Terry!

    1. Una vacanza, concordo, e bella lunga!

      A me non stanca tanto il lavoro, quando l’ora in cui suona la sveglia (6.10) e il tempo che ci metto per andare a scuola (45 minuti/1 ora in macchina). Penso arriverò a giugno a pelle di leopardo. Già adesso sono distrutta.

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