Diary of a Nail Polish Addict: December 2012

Sorry for being so late in posting the manicures I did in December 2012, but the Christmas holidays, (too) soon followed by my return at school, kept me busy. No more about me now, so here you are what I wore on my nails last month. Enjoy!

foto 1The first manicure I sported in December 2012 was a combination of Mavala Paris, a classic red shade, and a stunning red nail polish, Killing Red by Layla. I tried to wear Killing Red alone but the result didn’t convince me much; when applied over a red base, it brings out all its red flakies and the final result I think is noteworthy.

foto 2Oh, glorious red flakies! I love this combination! It’s so festive, isn’t it?

fotoThis is a layering experiment gone wrong: I topped Essence L.O.L. (a great acid lime green) with Euphidra SM52, a glittering apple green which I thought would be perfect on the first shade. Unfortunately, they’re very similar and one doesn’t highlight the other. I think I’ll try the glittering one alone.

fotoI bought Essence Naughty and Pink! some time ago, but this is the first time I wore it alone, not paired to another nail polish or topper. I like its texture: even if it’s a cream nail polish, the finish of the final result makes me think of jelly. I like this colour: it’s a nice medium pink which I think I will wear a lot next spring.

foto 2 (2)One of the new polishes I bought in December was Essence Love’s Recipe, a peculiar greyish beige shade with fine microglitters and silver flakies in it. I topped it with a favourite of mine, Color Club Gingerbread, a glitter bomb with gold, red and green sparkles.

foto 1 (2)When I first did this manicure I loved it, but taking a look at the pictures now makes me realize I was wrong. The light neutral base is just not right for such a sparkling topper, which gets kind of lost and is not emphasized enough. Moreover, Love’s Recipe is a complex colour, which deserves some attention by itself. Next time I’ll wear it alone, without hiding it under a glitter top coat.

foto 1I rocked this manicure on Christmas day. I used a dark blue shade by Essence (Date in the Moonlight) and a sparkling topper with blue, silver and gold glitters in several sizes and shapes (Glorious Aquarius) on tips only. I’m not good at nail art, but I’m quite satisfied with the gradient glitter effect here.

foto 2Date in the Moonlight is a dark blue colour with sapphire blue fine glitters in it. Once applied, the glitters are barely visible, but they give it a touch of multidimensionality.

foto 1Oh well. Words fail when it comes to speak about Flash Black, a nail polish from the Hologram Effect collection by Layla. You may remember I bought four colours of the same collection last summer, and during the Christmas holidays I wanted to try other shades. This awesome holographic black is one of them. I’ve realized Layla dark holographic colours are spectacular, because they really bring out the magic of multicolour reflects. Flash Black, for example, has green, blue, pink and gold in it. I really couldn’t help but staring at my nails all the time. Unfortunately, this is another “fragile” polish, which chipped in no time.

foto 2Another nail polish from this collection that I bought is Ocean Rush, bright blue with silver, orange and light blue reflects. Unfortunately, the colour looks a bit flat in camera, while in real life the hologram effect is impressive. By the way, the effect is less in your face if compared to other shades.

fotoThe last manicure of the month (and of the year) was a nice classic combo: I used Illamasqua Ruthless and Essence Hello Holo (three coats) on the ring finger only. I love this red shade because it has an orange touch in it; it’s a warm tone which beautifully contrasts with the icy reflects of the sparkling nail polish by Essence.

I spent part of my Christmas holidays in London and I bought two nail polishes which I can’t wait to show you. I’ll write about them at the beginning of February, so if you want to have quicker updates on my manicures, you can follow me on Instagram.



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