Christina Aguilera’s Style: At the 39th Annual People’s Choice Awards, January 9th, 2013

I was looking forward to seeing what Christina had in store for us after the end of the third season of The Voice and yesterday all her fans were given an incredibly emotional performance at the 39th Annual People’s Choice Awards. Just after her rendition of Blank Page, a lovely ballad from Lotus, she was awarded by Josh Duhamel with the People’s Voice Award, a well-deserved recognition. This is just one of the many awards she has received in her career, but I think this comes in a delicate moment: during the last few years she’s been constantly criticised by the press, haters and fans alike for her music and style choices. Well, this award proves people love her also thanks to these choices.

01I love these pics taken backstage. She looks so playful and happy! As for her outfit, she sported a classic blazer-pants combo in black and white. I must admit I was quite surprised by such a conservative look, but she looked so chic.

mcqueenI was surprised by this look but not by her decision to wear a piece by Alexander McQueen for the nth time. It’s clear she’s the British brand’s unofficial testimonial: Sarah Burton’s designs may appear distant from Christina’s style, but I think they look so good on her, because they emphasize her feminine body, even when the piece has a sharp cut. This can be said for the powder pink one-button blazer she wore for the occasion, paired to a white vest by the same brand.

vauthierShe also wore simple black pants by Alexandre Vauthier.

ladypeepShe completed the look with a pair of black patent Lady Peep pumps by Christian Louboutin.

christina-aguilera-peoples-choice-2013-04Her outfit was flawless and so was her make-up. I’m glad she’s still experimenting with neutral tones on eyes and lips, even if I miss her trademark red lips. The final touch was a nice diamond ring and a pair of diamond earrings. The only complaint here is about her hair. After sporting funny and colourful hairstyles at The Voice, this blonde center-parted ‘do lacks personality.

I loved her performance and the words she spoke after receiving the award, when she referred to the support of her fans and to the importance of music in her life, the only way in which she can truly express herself. I’m sad because I read angry comments from her fans, who accuse her of having lost her voice. I’m sad because her voice has changed (this is true) because people and bodies change. She’s not the teenager who sang Genie in a Bottle anymore, she’s grown up and so is her voice. Now, people may or may not like this change, but I think she’s one of the most honest modern artists, because she’s always put her strength and her fragility in her songs, thus really expressing her true self. I’m not an expert and I can’t say if her voice is really damaged, but even if that was the case, who cares? As long as she’s a honest artist and as long as her voice keeps on giving me thrills, I certainly don’t care.


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  1. Gosh, she is so beautiful! I love Christina and her style because she always knows where to tone down and what occasion to attend with edgy, sexy style! She really hasn’t lost her voice, I love love love that clear pure sound of hers. I do hope she would stop using the raspy thing with her throat, because THIS is Christina as her best!

    1. I’ve been thinking a lot about the “raspy” thing you’re referring to, and I’ve realized that maybe that is part of the evolution of her voice. Maybe she doesn’t sound as perfect as she used to when she was younger, but I think her voice has become more “experienced”, in the sense that you can feel her evolution as a human being, with all her pain and flaws, in it, something the audience is not used to listen to in modern artists (thanks to Auto-tune and so on).

  2. she was so simple , i actually think its the most simple look since a long time really !

    ur right about the hair idk what happened it seemed greasy tbh

    the jacket was perfection , white and black contrast looked amazing

    i really think she was tired at that performance , she killed it though
    and did u notice Alicia keys was wearing the balmain red velvet jacket xtina wore at the voice this past season ?

    1. It’s true: it was a very simple outfit, but I think she looked really good. We’re not used to such an understated style from her, but I’m glad she keeps on experimenting with her image.
      I don’t know what happened to her hair, it seemed kind of dirty 😦 I miss her pink highlights!

      Yes! I noticed that! She looked lovely with that jacket.

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