A Mystery With Nothing More to See

As a nail polish addict, I’m always looking for new nail polishes to add to my stash, especially if they have “special effects”. Let me tell you I’m quite picky when it comes to this: I’ve never fallen for the magnetic trend, let alone the crackle one, but I’m hopelessly in love with glitters and holos. In particular, holographic nail polishes are mesmerizing. The fine microglitters they contain can reflect the light in a very unique way; the result is that the colour is never the same, but changes according to the light. I’ve always thought you can get the best out of holos under the sunlight, but after trying some shades from the Layla Hologram Effect collection, I’ve changed my mind.

I own four shades of this ever-growing collection: I bought them last August and I was impressed by the colours available. Most of the brands release holo nail polishes in a few classic colours (silver, purple, black sometimes, gold), but Layla has surely brought things to a higher lever. The shades above are Gold Idol, Coral Glam and Red Taboo.

Before starting to see the shades in detail, let me tell you that it’s true holos are fantastic, but they also have a downside: longevity. I don’t know if it’s a problem of these Layla nail polishes, but they don’t get unchipped to the end of the day. I’ve read somewhere that a water-based transparent nail polish should be used before applying the holo nail polish but I don’t own one. I applied a top coat as a base (another advice I found online), but that didn’t seem to work. Gold Idol was one of the most “fragile” nail polishes: I carefully applied 2 coats of it but it chipped in no time. Disappointing, right? The colour in itself is lovely: it’s lime yellow with gold, green, blue and pink reflects.

Coral Glam is probably one of the most original shades of the collection. Have you ever heard of a neutral holo nail polish? Well, Layla released it and it’s surely an interesting achievement. The picture above was taken under artificial light, but no flash. You can see some reflects, but the holo effect is not fully visible.

Under the flash of a camera Coral Glam blooms like an exotic flower: the powder pink is electrified by gold, orange, green and blue sparks. Unfortunately this is another “fragile” nail polish, whose longevity is definitely NOT the strongest point.

Red Taboo is my favourite shade: the colour is very interesting and the longevity is better if compared to the other shades (I got the first chips the day after I wore it). The picture on the left and the one on the right bottom were taken with the flash, while the one on the right top was taken with daylight (the day was rainy). Here the holo effect is not as impressive as in the other shades, but it’s interesting nonetheless: the fuchsia/cyclamen base is sparkling with gold, orange and green reflects.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, here is Misty Blush, the most spectacular holo nail polish I own.  I took three different sets of pictures under different kinds of light to show you how many different sides it has. The set above was taken under artificial light and no flash. You can’t even say exactly what is the base colour, because the velvety reflects (green, gold, orange and blue) cover most of the nail space.

This set was taken under artificial light (different position) and no flash. The holo effect here is stronger, but the dark plum base is coming out, too.

The last set was taken with the flash. Here you can see the holo reflects in full effect, beautifully contrasting with the plum base. Despite its poor longevity, I must admit I can’t get enough of this nail polish. Wearing it is like staring at a kaleidoscope, where the combination of mirrors, glass and light create spectacular and ever-changing colours. Nail polish longevity is very important for me, but this is the only time in which I’ve decided to turn a blind eye on this detail and to enjoy its beauty, aware that it won’t last long.

I’ve already set my eyes on more shades of this collection – Mercury Twilight, Emerald Divine, Flash Black and Ocean Rush are amazing – even if their poor longevity is taking me back a bit.

Have you tried shades from these collection? Any suggestions for making them last longer?



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