Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 3) – Semi-Final Live Results

What was your reaction yesterday when you saw Christina Aguilera at The Voice‘s semi-final live results? This morning when I saw the pics from the show I couldn’t believe my eyes. She gave us a completely different look, so interesting to write about!

A95GpSUCQAAGf0tThe mix and match of different prints is probably the focus of the whole look – polka dots and letters scattered on a white background; then comes the hair, inspired – according to her hair stylist Craig Gangi – to Japanese pop art, with those beautiful flamingo pink streaks. Last but not least, her make-up, with “giant cat eyes with no blended edges” and neutral lips, which surely achieved a dramatic effect.

camiHer Letterz crop top has a vintage-inspired print and a loose fit: it’s a creation by Lazy Oaf. It was worn on a black silk twill camisole by The Row. Her candy pink and white striped flamenco fan is by Dengra Designs.

lovebeatriceShe also wore polka dot tights by Love, Beatrice. It was a pity not to see her complete outfit, because she also wore Christian Louboutin suede pink platforms; it would be great to see exactly what style she sported.

kbruniniHer jewellery was impressive as usual. It included an array of thin bracelets and a gold chain link bracelet, along with two rings. One of them was a creation by K. Brunini from the Object Organique collection. This ring is made of 18k rose and yellow gold, plus sterling silver; it is embellished by a big quartz hydra crystal stone and pink diamonds. Isn’t it amazing?

arikkastanThe second ring (by Arik Kastan) has a simpler shape but is equally precious: it’s a gold ring embellished with a triangle-shaped pavé of rough diamonds.  I think both rings looked beautiful on Christina’s hands, whose nails were painted in red.

What do you think she has in store for us, now that only two episodes of the show are left? I can’t wait to find it out!


    1. yes i know the makeup was too dark since the outfit already had black and white in it

      the hair needed to be dark with it maybe but id love a bob wig

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