Christina Aguilera’s Style: At the Ellen DeGeneres Show, December 7th, 2012

The end of the third season of The Voice is just around the corner, but I’m glad Christina is still promoting her new album. Yesterday she made an appearance at the Ellen DeGeneres Show for an interview with the host and a live performance with Blake Shelton (they sang one of my favourite tracks from LotusJust a Fool).

christina-aguilera-im-comfortable-in-my-own-body-skin-01Christina looked lovely, sporting a nice casual outfit (well, casual for her standards ;)). I love her with bangs and straight hair, but do you think this is her new hairstyle or that she’s just wearing a wig? If this is her real hair, where have the amazing pink highlights gone?

balmainOne of the many reasons why I like her is that she’s not obsessed with fashion, in the sense that she doesn’t feel she needs to wear something new every time she takes part into a show. She had already worn some pieces of this outfits during the current season of The Voice, but it’s interesting to see how she put them together this time. The Balmain chiffon shirt she wore on a black top is actually something she’s never worn before. I like the paisley print but I wouldn’t have worn it, because it looks like an extra (and useless) piece.

mcqueenShe paired the shirt to the Alexander McQueen white tuxedo jacket previously seen at the Top 12 episode of the show. I like this jacket but I don’t think pairing it to the chiffon shirt was a great choice. I don’t care for garments with different lenghts, but this combo is just not right. She also wore skinny jeans: I think they’re Jet by John Eshaya, but I’m not sure.

rodkinAnd now let’s seen what pieces of jewellery she wore. The round pave pendant on a chain necklace and geometric ring by Loree Rodkin were part of the beautiful bohemian outfit she sported last Monday at The Voice.

pinksapphireThe same can be said for the stunning Atelier Minyon ring with pink sapphire and diamonds.

christina-aguilera-im-comfortable-in-my-own-body-skin-02In the picture above we can see her shoes – red glittering platform pumps with no red sole! I was a fan of Louboutin shoes for a long time, but I’ve realized there are talented young designers who deserve to be as famous as Mr Louboutin. Among them there’s surely Charlotte Dellal, who designs awesome shoes and accessories. Christina wore a pair of Flora and Dolly pumps by Charlotte Olympia in Your Body music video and it’s great that she keeps on wearing shoes by this brand.

priscillaShe picked a pair of Priscilla pumps, embellished by red glitters. Aren’t they lovely?

The song is lovely and the performance was just great, much better than the performance of the song they did during the show some weeks ago. I think their voices are so beautiful together! Please watch the video until the end so you’ll get a glimpse of the fantastic red glitters on her shoes ♥

What do you think of her look? Do you like it or do you prefer her show outfits?



  1. I do like her look, a lot! But you’re right, the blouse seems unnecessary. Christina could have added just a scarf or nothing. Different hems look kind of weird on the back… The hair is complicated. All the pink tips have been extensions and here I cannot tell 100% if Christina is wearing a wig or not. Surely it’s not all her own hair, I dare to doubt her hair is that long, she has some extensions here at least! The shoes… Are to die for 🙂

    1. I had no idea her pink highlights were extensions! I thought she dip-dyed her hair in hot pink (seeing her in braids convinced me my thought was right). In any case, I really like her with bangs.

  2. yeah i agree the blouse had nothing to do with the outfit and i do like both the casual and the all glamed up style , though i strongly prefer this settle makeup on her it just shows her natural beauty

    loved the shoes for sure


  3. Dopo tutto questo turbinio di parrucche,inizio a chiedermi come possano essere i veri capelli di C….

    Continuo a non capire come gli Americani possano ridere delle battute di Ellen deGeneres…

    1. Ehm, anch’io non riesco bene a capire che capelli abbia al momento.

      Io non l’ho mai trovata divertente, ma forse sono io che non colgo il suo sense of humor.

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