From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (6.06 – Where the Vile Things Are)

After four disappointing episodes, the countdown to the finale has started but now – ONLY NOW – things are starting to get juicy. I’m talking of Where the Vile Things Are [1], the 6th episode of Gossip Girl‘s 6th season. It’s not a case that this episode is focused on Lily and Rufus: once lovers and partners, now they are fighting with the gloves off. Their battlefield is art, that is what brought them together in the first season. Rufus has decided to open a new art gallery, but the opening party will take place the same day as a charity art auction hosted by Lily. His guests have not confirmed their presence (they will be at Lily’s event), so Rufus and Ivy crash the auction, ready to buy all the paintings. Among them, there’s the famous Spectrum by Richard Phillips, which we have seen hundreds of times hanging from a wall in Lily’s apartment.

I liked the episode also because Lily is sporting two amazing outfits. I’m glad Eric Daman saved the best for last, because here she looks absolutely flawless. She wears the first outfit at home and when she goes to the auction location, where she meets Rufus and Ivy. The main element of her outfit is a classic trench coat by Burberry [2]. I haven’t been able to identify the exact style of the coat she’s wearing: it has 3/4 sleeves and more buttons than usual; probably it’s from the upcoming spring collection.

She also wears a short wool dress by Emilio Pucci in a beautiful lilac and blue abstract print. Her bag is on the counter: it’s a lovely Miss Dior chain bag in rosewood python. I love the classic shape of the bag and the colour, so romantic. It seems this bag has become a favourite of Lily: she was spotted with the same style (but different materials) in three episodes of the 5th season.

It was difficult to take the screencap above, and I still think it’s not very clear. I just wanted to show you the shining silver buckle on top of her pumps, an unmistakable sign that she was wearing a pair of nude Belle Vivier pumps by Roger Vivier. I’m speechless when it comes to these, because they’re probably on top of the list of my dream shoes.

Another detail I’ve appreciated a lot is her statement ring, an impressive creation by Swarovski. Majesty Dark is a ruthenium-plated cocktail ring which resembles a flower; it features a large central crystal, surrounded by Pointiage® crystals from green to ruby.

Last but not least, her earrings by RichRocks feature a black and white pave on an original dome shape.

At the charity event things get sour and complicated. Lily and Ivy confront each other, and Ivy explains the reason of her behaviour: she wants to make Lily feel as she felt when she was accused of being an impostor who only wanted CeCe’s money. Lily reacts with aplomb, but this is the first time we understand she’s been hurt by Ivy’s words. Moreover, there’s Chuck, who wants to buy Spectrum at all costs: he has discovered the back of the painting hides a very important document of Bart, something which can tell a lot about his shady “disappearance”. As it often happens, the onlooker (Rufus, in this case) gets the best of a fight and makes the winning bid. Chuck will eventually be able to buy the painting back, just to find out the document has disappeared. In this scene, Lily looks spectacular: she’s wearing a Bottega Veneta abstract-print dress from the Fall/Winter 2012 collection, with the bodice embellished by black beads.

Her jewellery is exquisite: she wears a nice pair of cluster beaded earrings…

… and two cocktail rings. Lily will get in trouble with Bart: he asks her not to sell the painting, but she has already messed things up.

In the first scene she wore her hair down, while now it’s styled in an adorable knot bun.

The end of the episode got me excited, because we will soon see who’s the mastermind behind Ivy’s scheme. My friend Tibi says it’s Lola Ivy was talking on the phone. At the end of the 5th season, they conspired for taking Lily down; furthermore, Lola left CeCe’s money to Ivy, because she didn’t want it and because she knew her grandmother wanted it to be Ivy’s. I’m curious to see Rufus’ reaction when he learns the real reason behind Ivy’s behaviour: she doesn’t care about him, but she knows she would hurt Lily by becoming his  partner.

Now that only four episodes are left, what do you think will happen? I’m so curious to see who Gossip Girl is and I’m so ready for Jenny’s comeback. What about you?

[1] The title is a reference to Where the Wild Things Are (2009) by Spike Jonze, inspired to the classic children’s story by Maurice Sendak.

[2] I love the style reference to the 1st season: Lily wore a Burberry trench coat in Roman Holiday (1×11), one of my favourite episodes.




  1. Great analysis, as always!

    I enjoyed this episode, especially because it was focused on art and thought Lily’s outfits reflected that. Her Pucci dress looks like it belongs on the wall of MOMA and the Bottega Veneta abstract-print dress looks like it could be the work of Jackson Pollack! 🙂

    I also admire the choice of accessories, especially the jewelry. Her rings and earrings are always statement pieces, but they never overpower her look, but they are mesmerizing none the less.

    BTW, thanks for the shout out! Can’t wait until next week. 🙂

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