Christina Aguilera’s Style: At the American Music Awards, November 18th, 2012

When I learned Christina Aguilera was among the performers at the American Music Awards, I was so excited, as it usually happens when I know she’s performing live. I had read she would perform a medley of songs from her newly-released album Lotus, and I must admit this sounded a bit strange to me; I know she’s promoting the album, but a single – Your Body – has already come out, so why not sticking to that, instead of a medley? This point was a bit confusing, but the worse was yet to come.

She looked SMASHING, incredibly beautiful with a brand new hairstyle and a glittering corset, but sounded terrible. I’m saying this because it’s true I’m a fan but first of all I’m a music lover and I can’t stand seeing a talent like this going wrong. I don’t even want to start the pointless discussion about the weight issue, because she’s never looked so good and self-confident, so that is not the point. Her singing act was confused and unfocused: I bet she was nervous, because she’s surely feeling lots of pressure on her, but why putting up such a show instead of standing on the stage and just SING, like she did at the Sandy Telethon? I don’t know how Lotus is selling, but I’m afraid we could face another Bionic era, which means poor sales, non-existing promotion and harsh criticism. I don’t want to sound offensive, but this is simply not working, which is a pity because the album has got a good potential.

Now let’s see on what she wore: she picked a gorgeous black corset with all-over sparkling star decorations, a piece from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection by the Blonds. I love that she often turns to the American designing duo for her stage costumes: her curves are emphasized and enhanced by all that glittering!

She also wore Giuseppe Zanotti black nappa leather boots with a slant zip and turnover cuffs.

The performance started with Lotus Intro (which she didn’t sing but lip-synched, another wrong sign): in this case, she was surrounded by dancers, gathered around her as if they were the petals of a lotus. She wore a crystal-embellished pink chiffon dress over her corset. Besides her vocals, I liked the performance, because it was all about rejecting bullying and criticism; it wanted to give a message of respect, freedom and self-acceptance and I think it hit that point.

In case you missed it (like I did, since I live in Italy), here is the performance. Judge for yourself and tell me your opinions about it. Probably it’s only me who has high expectations when it comes to her vocals, but I think this was definitely NOT the best performance of the event or of her career. It’s clear she’s doing what she wants, and one must give her credit and respect for following her own heart, but I don’t want this attitude to push her out of the spotlight.

Earlier that evening, she walked the red carpet and looked stunning. I watched the red carpet online and I was squealing with enthusiasm when I saw her. Now, honestly, doesn’t she look awesome with this Elvira Montana-inspired sleek bob? Not to mention the beautiful ombré purple dress by Pamella Roland and the sparkly accessories.

She also wore Sugar satin pumps with diamanté embellishment by Jimmy Choo, such a refined shoe choice.

The jewellery department included a shower of diamonds – bracelets, rings and earrings by Neil Lane – while her bag was a slide lock crystal minaudiere by Judith Leiber.

Awww, so beautiful! Her make-up was flawless, thanks to Kristofer Buckle who’s really bringing out a different, softer side of her. Have you noticed the disappearance of her trademark red lipstick from her most recent looks? I kind of miss it, because I’m a red lipstick addict myself, but she looks so much better with neutral tones, which beautifully balance strong eyes. In this case, her purple eyes were paired to super-long and feathery lashes. I am in awe ♥

Christina met an old acquaintance after walking the red carpet – the neon yellow-clad Nicki Minaj, who was among the performers of the event. You may remember they worked together for Bionic: their collaboration – Woohoo – was such a fun track, full of energy, but it’s like it never happened, due to the very poor promotion that fantastic album got. I don’t like Nicki’s outfit, but I’m kind of fascinated by her pink stiletto nails.

I’m sorry I sound bitter but I can’t pretend everything is fine when it’s clearly not. You know what? Maybe the truth is that Christina is just sick and tired of all the promotional stuff she should do when a new album comes out, and so she doesn’t give a s*it about performances either. I would totally understand her.

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  1. I totally agree with u that she does not sound good here. I’ve always disliked her doing too much that raspy throat thing she started after Bionic. It totally ruins that beautiful enchanting sound of hers. I loved so much BtoB era and all that soul, blues and jazz thing she sang so clearly and flawlessly… I was shocked after the Voice performance (Make The World Move) with CeeLo while her voice almost broke down! The performance was awesome but there again she looked tired and “slow” (comparing to the energy, let’s say e.g. in Candyman) 😦

    But she looked sooo beautiful! I love, love love the bob hair on her. Looked like a wig, though.

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