From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (6.05 – Monstrous Ball)

The 5th episode of Gossip GirlMonstrous Ball [1] – marks the beginning of the end. I’m referring to the downward spiral of the plot, which is becoming more and more inconsistent, and to the show itself, which is coming to an end (the finale is expected to be aired on December 17th). Thank God, this episode featured Lily, who changed outfit twice, so I had something to focus on.

The picture above was taken last August, when the episode was actually filmed. I decided to post it here because Lily’s first outfit is visible from head to toe. I’ve already written about it, but here we go again. Despite the premises, I really enjoyed this episode, packed with twists and turns. The cotillon – a ball which introduces young people in New York society – is the main social event: it features the new symbol of the mean girl (Sage) but “old” characters, too, who remember their own cotillon. Moreover, Steven proposes to Serena, but her bliss doesn’t last long: his daughter does not want them to get married, nor engaged, so she asks Blair’s help to take Serena down, a scheme in which she will succeed. As for Lily, she’s apparently happy for her daughter, but she knows that probably she’s not mature enough to get married (look who’s talking).

The first outfit includes a short-sleeved Papyro black dress by Marni, with a beautiful white print inspired to papyrus leaves. I like the dress but when you see it in action, you realize it has a boxy line from the waist up: the final effect – at least on Lily – is not that flattering, in my opinion. Her shoes are Sam Edelman Danielle suede pumps with metal heels.

Before hell breaks loose at the cotillon, Lily meets Steven, who wants to asks her for Serena’s hand. Lily starts changing her mind after talking to Blair, who puts an obstacle on Serena’s way once again. In the scene above, Lily is wearing Swarovski Chic Royalty ring, embellished with a gradation of crystals and crystal pearls.

She also wears beautiful round clip earrings, which I haven’t been able to identify yet.

In the opening scene she meets Chuck just outside a Haute Hippie store. Chuck is still trying to figure out what his father is hiding, but Lily has no intention to help him by investigating behind her husband’s back. She cares for Chuck, but she doesn’t want to fuel the tension in the relationship with Bart.

In this case, she’s not sporting her trademark messy updo, but a proper chignon, which looks impossibly chic on her.

Later in the episode, she attends the cotillon, wearing a beautiful black dress and sparkling green accessories; among them, a pair of earrings with big green drops and crystals. I’m not joking when I said I spent hours trying to identify them, but no luck yet.

The same thing can be said for her glittering clutch. I know I’ve already seen it somewhere (the revealing detail is the crystal-embellished closure clasp), but I haven’t found out its brand yet. It’s so frustrating!

Her black dress has an open back and a front slit: it’s a creation by Raoul and it’s part of the brand’s Cruise 2013 collection. I think it’s a perfect dress for Lily, because it’s simple yet elegant and glamourous, thanks to the open back.

Now that only 5 episodes are left, what do you think will happen? Blair and Chuck will finally realize their immature dreams of love, while Serena and Dan will be back together (groan); Lily will be back with Rufus, only if the truth about Bart will be disclosed. The most important thing is that the identity of Gossip Girl won’t be a secret anymore. I’ve read several theories about this on Internet, and many agree in thinking that Bart is somehow part of the mystery surrounding her. I have no elements to say if I agree or not (this is Gossip Girl, after all, not Pretty Little Liars ;)), but at this point anything is possible.

[1] The title pays homage to Monster’s Ball (2001) by Marc Forster, starring Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry, who wore an Oscar as best leading actress thanks to her role as Leticia Musgrove.



  1. IMO, the Raoul dress is perfection. It’s sexy and strong, with elegant lines and also looks comfortable to wear! Congrats on finding this one. I’m also loving the ‘Chic Royalty’ ring. It compliments her look perfectly and is the type of ring that could be worn on many occasions.

    Not sure what to make of seeing Lily in two black ensembles, though.

    BTW, I also LOVED Georgina’s cotillion dress. Gorgeous!

    Can’t wait to see the next episode. 🙂

    1. Georgina’s outfit was lovely, but I also liked Blair’s dress at the cotillon.

      Agree on Lily’s black evening dress: it’s sexy, dramatic but simple. I don’t really like when she’s dressed in black, though. I think we’ll see a change in her life, because the choice of this colour is not a coincidence.

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