Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 3) – Top 12 Live Results

The Voice top 12 live results surely started with a bang! On November 13th the episode was opened by a live performance of Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green, who gave a rendition of Make the World Move, taken from Christina’s brand new album, Lotus. This is the first song from the album that she’s sung live and I’m glad she did: the song is full of energy, and so was the performance. I was expecting something flamboyant from her and she didn’t let me down.

Dancers! A red throne! Lights and red balloons! This performance was such a fun to watch. Christina looked smashing in a strapless dress which showed off her legs, paired to a pink wig with crown, glittering thigh-high boots and a fan. The very first thought that came to my mind while watching her is that she was paying homage to one of the most famous moments of Madonna’s career – the performance of Vogue at the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards. In that case, Madonna dressed like a 18th-century lady; Christina didn’t refer exactly to that period style, but to the general atmosphere of that century.

Her printed dress by Les Habitudes (an American brand of bridal and ceremony dresses) was customized with asymmetrical hemline and a crystal belt. The point of the customization was showing off the incredible boots she wore. Previously spotted on Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna, they are by Stuart Weitzman and are embellished with 22,000 crystals set by hand.

She paired the dress to a faux fur shrug. Simone Harouche, Christina’s stylist, explained they “dyed [it] navy to add a little depth to the costume colors”. An accessory that can’t miss in her outfits is a fan, this time made of white lace.

The jewellery department included a crystal ring and star-shaped earrings by Tom Binns and a white crown. You may remember she wore the same pink wig/crown combo on October 27th, when she celebrated Halloween with a party at her house.

She kept wig and crown on for the rest of the episode, but she changed her outfits, wearing a white blazer and a matching ripped t-shirt. She also wore different jewellery – a pendant necklace and a cocktail ring. In the screencap above you can admire her make-up, which was dramatic and fun. Her make-up artist Kristofer Buckle said this look was inspired by the  villains of the Strawberry Shortcake cartoon (Sour Grapes, I bet): he used purple and lavender eyeshadows and made them extra-sparkling with some opalescent craft glitter.

Too bad the back of her Alexander McQueen white tuxedo jacket was visible for a moment, because it’s spectacular. The pleated detail on the back (longer than the front jacket) makes it so glamourous and original.

She toned the jacket down with American Apparel shorts and a ripped t-shirt by Iro.

If you missed the performance, here it is. I loved the fact that it opened with a reference to Shakira’s hit, Hips Don’t Lie, since the Colombian singer will replace Christina in the 4th season of the talent show. I don’t even want to comment on what I read on Twitter after the performance, the same old nasty comments on Christina’s weight, because you know my point of view on this topic. Let me tell you I’m proud of her, because I see myself in her; someone who embraces her curves like that, by showing them off, should be respected and seen as a role model.



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