Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 3) – Top 12 Performances

I really like the third season of The Voice: the singers are very talented (my favourites are Terry McDermott and Trevin Hunte) and Christina is giving us new aspects of her new style personality. I appreciate her effort to experiment with hair colour (yay!) and with clothes, even if this continuous shifting from elegant to casual may seem inconsistent.

Yesterday she watched the top 12 performances sitting on her red chair as the embodiment of the badass rock chick. I don’t think she’s ever looked so sexy and self-confident (I think sex-appeal actually comes from self-confidence): I mean, it takes guts to wear such a low-cut t-shirt and get away with it. While watching the episode, I was hoping for a wardrobe malfunction NOT to happen, and thank God nothing happened. She wore a ripped t-shirt, a black leather vest, pink jeans and a black hat.

The t-shirt is obviously a trademark piece by Kate Dellon, who customized a simple white tee for Christina. She wore it over a pink bra, thus matching her jeans. The black Perfecto vest with studded lapels she wore is by Robin’s Jeans; I think she got it slightly customized, because her vest has got spikes on the shoulders, too.

Her tie-dye pink jeans are by Earnest Sewn: this version of the Esra jeans was issued last October in support of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Quite unexpectedly, she kept things simple in the accessory/jewellery department. She only wore a Maison Michel embellished felt hat, plus a ring and pendant earrings by Broken English. I’ve spent lots of time trying to get more information about her three-element ring but I haven’t identified it so far. My guess is that is could be a piece by the Brazilian designer Carla Amorim, but I’m not sure. You may have noticed her hair is a bit different, because she added some blue highlights to her pink tips: I like them so much! After complaining about her hair, all these changes are more than welcome. I also LOVE her make-up: Kristofer Buckle said his inspiration was “Malibu Punk Barbie”, a look which he achieved pairing a tanned complexion to neutral lips (he used Stila Bellissima lip colour) and dramatic eyes in black and turquoise.

We also saw her in pre-recorded clips, while working with Dez Duron. In this case, she sported a much softed make-up and a simple ponytail.

She wore a leopard-print beige jersey tank dress and a purple off-shoulder sweater. As it happened last week, you can see she didn’t wear any shoes, which comes as a shocker, because she ALWAYS  wears high heels.

Did you like the outfit she chose for this episode? Or do you prefer the more lady-like outfits she wore last year?



  1. I love her hair and makeup this season! I do miss some of the more pinup styles she wore last season, but that woman looks great in her punk rock gear too! Love these posts because you always answer all the questions I have while watching the show! 🙂

    1. I agree. Pin-up style looked great on her, also during the Back to Basics phase of her career, but I think it was time for her to move on and change something in her style. The outfits of this season are not flawless, but it’s nice to see her experiment with different moods.

  2. i actually prefer her style this season because its more real and comfy but i still love her choices from last year i praise her for not repeating her self always coming out with something new


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