Diary of a Nail Polish Addict: October 2012

October was such a hectic month! I was very busy at school – lessons in the morning and meetings in the afternoon – and with the rest of my life, which includes my family, housework and more. Despite this, while writing this post, I realized I devoted lots of time to my nails. I guess this happens as a sort of reaction: I’ve always loved painting my nails because it’s a pause from all the rest, a moment in which I focus on something which is not school or everyday problems.

The first manicure I did is one of my favourites ever – polka dots on a blue base. I used Mavala Cyclades Blue as base; a Kiko blue nail polish of which I don’t know the code, MNY 665 and Illamasqua Load for polka dots. I used the pin technique again, because I think it’s the best to get quite regular polka dots.

October was the month in which I bought many Essence nail polishes. I love this German brand because it makes all my nail polish dreams come true: wide range of shades and textures, cheap prices and very good longevity. One of the polishes I bought is Night in Vegas, a top coat with gold flakies. I applied one coat of it on China Glaze For Audrey and was surprised by the result: gold on pastel turquoise is quite subtle, but gives it a “baroque” effect, very refined.

Another Essence polish I bought is Oh My Glitter!, violet with very fine silver glitters in it. I tried to do a gradient manicure, but the result was quite disappointing. The idea was to apply a contrasting colour on tips only, but I think I did something wrong.

I used Layla Butterfly Effect on tips: this is a great purple colour with flakies, which you can actually see in the picture above.

Other two Essence shades that are now in my stash are L.O.L. and Gold Fever. The first is a chartreuse nail polish with a creme texture: I applied three coats to get a full coverage, but two would have been enough. On tips I applied Gold Fever, a gold glitter bomb with touches of red and orange.

I took the picture above at 7.30 am, just after getting to school. I love the “livid” quality of this chartreuse shade, the perfect combination of acid yellow and green. As a fan of glitter gradient manicures, I’m quite happy with how this mani turned out.

The second Essence haul of the month included other three nail polishes. I used two of them for the manicure above. I’m definitely not into neutrals, but I had seen some gorgeous pics of Hazelnut Cream Pie online, so I decided to give it a try. It’s a light pink shade with a slightly pearly finish, visible only under the light of the sun.

I topped it with Space Queen, a glitter bomb with a beigey pink sheer base. I really like the combination of these two because the glittering top coat gives the neutral base more personality.

Another polish I recently bought is Mavala Honolulu, from the retro collection which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Swiss brand. Honolulu is a bright fuchsia shade: it’s beautiful on its own, but I decided to give it an extra touch.

Night in Vegas came to the rescue and didn’t let me down. The orange/gold/red reflects of the flakies are enhanced by the pink base.

The third Essence polish I bought is Naughty and Pink!, a muted hot pink with a texture which is more jelly than creme. I used it for an alternate colour manicure: the other shade is Color Club What a Shock!, a very unique neon lime green with blue shimmer. I applied three coats of both nail polishes.

I’ve never used Max Factor nail polishes, but I’ve recently read a lot of positive reviews of a new mini nail polish, Fantasy Fire. It’s cheap, so I grabbed a bottle when I found it. It’s a purple shade with gold, orange and pink glitters. I decided to apply it on Chanel Rouge Noir. The result is nice but a bit disappointing: the dark red base highlighted the orange side of the glitters, so I’m pretty sure a different base (purple, black or dark blue) will bring out a different set of reflects. I want to use it alone as soon as possible, so as to see the glitters in full effect.

The last manicure I did had again Night in Vegas in it. It’s such a versatile top coat and it’s fun to see it on different base shades. This time I used it on Deborah Lippmann Don’t Tell Mama, an amazing super-dark green nail polish. Night in Vegas beautifully complemented such a dark base, and all its multicolour effects came out.

This picture was taken early in the morning: the weather was rainy and gloomy, but the light was perfect to emphasize the rainbow on my nails. Yellow, gold and green magically appeared on my nails, while the night before all I could see were red and orange reflects.

In November I’m planning to get a couple of OPI nail polishes from the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides collection (Skull & Glossbones and Stranger Tides). I’ve also put my eyes on a lovely white shade, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (from the Spiderman collection) and I’m planning to swap for Color Club Gingerbread and OPI Steady as She Rose. Last but not least, I want to buy the Holiday 2012 Chanel shade, Malice. Ah, no rest for the nail polish addicts like me 😉


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