From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (6.04 – Portrait of a Lady Alexander)

I know this post comes extremely late, but I’m not feeling guilty for the delay. Portrait of a Lady Alexander [1], the fourth episode of Gossip Girl‘s sixth season, aired last Monday, but I had actually written about Lily’s outfit back in August. As for the storyline, I’m having trouble in watching this tv show: the plot is gradually becoming more and more inconsistent and sometimes we are given OMG moments that actually don’t give it any real boost. In this episode, Chuck is again trying to find out more about his father’s fake death, and finds in Lily an unaware ally. “Unaware” is a key word here, because Lily is losing all her cattiness and is turning into a trophy wife, who can’t see what’s happening in her family and marriage.

Blair is of course Chuck’s n.1 helper. The relationship between them is clearly what the fandom watches the tv show for, otherwise I can’t see the reason why a ridiculous story like theirs have been revived. As an ex fan of Gossip Girl, I feel I’ve been fooled by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, but there’s nothing new here: he created a hugely successful show like The O.C., just to make it crumble in the very last season.

The only good thing of the episode is Lily’s outfit, one of the best she’s sported so far. It’s so refined and lady-like, totally in tune with her trademark Park Avenue Princess style. Her beautiful turquoise and green patterned dress is by Jonathan Saunders, while her wedges (above you can see a rare full-figure shot) are Roger Vivier’s Belle de Nuit, in a classy nude shade.

The most notable accessory of this outfit are the amazing Swarovski Spectacle earrings – emerald green and blue crystals surrounded by clear and emerald green tiny crystals. She’s often worn Swarovski jewellery, but these are probably among the best earrings ever seen on her.

The jewellery department also included a diamond ring and another ring with blue stones, which unfortunately I haven’t been able to identify.

Another beautiful accessory is her Bulgari Serpenti tote, which beautifully complemented her patterned dress. I love this bag because it has a very classic shape, combined with quirky details (the snake-shaped handles) and a bright colour. The screencap above is taken from the funniest moment of the episode: Lily meets Serena and her boyfriend Steven at a horse riding competition, just to realize that she slept with him in the Nineties. Well, she makes the revelation with perfect aplomb, but the feeling we get is that she’s not really concerned of what is happening around her.

Every episode is shot in different days, and you can get evidence of this from the three updos she sports in this episode. They are supposed to be the same, but they’re not. The first screencap comes from the scene where she’s having breakfast in her living room; the second is set at Chuck’s apartment and the third is set on the street, when she’s leaving for the horse riding competition in the country. You can see the first and the second are pretty similar (minus the twisted side locks), while the third is very different (this is the one I prefer). In any case, it’s a great updo, very classy.

What do you think of this episode and of this outfit? Are you really looking forward to watching the upcoming episodes or have you grown tired of the show?

[1] The title is a homage to The Portrait of a Lady (1996) by Jane Campion, an underestimated movie starring Nicole Kidman and John Malkovich. The movie was taken from the novel of the same title by Henry James, first published in 1881.

Source and source.



  1. Nice post! I agree about the crazy plot twists and turns, but I will continue to watch until the final episode. IMO, those Swarovski Spectacle earrings are so luxe and really make the outfit say “Park Avenue”. I’m not a fan of the wedge shoes, but my guess is they were chosen to make it easy for her walk in the scenes at the horse farm. I noticed the hair style inconsistencies too! 🙂

    1. Me too! A part of me says watching it is a waste of time, but I can’t stop watching it. I don’t think the show finale will give us real surprises but getting to the end of the story (and maybe finally learning Gossip Girl’s identity) will be nice.

      I’m in love with those earrings. They’re not in my style, but they’re so chic!

      Agree on wedges. I love Roger Vivier shoes, but this wedge-and-patent version of the classic buckle pumps has left me quite cold. I guess they were chosen for the reason you’ve explained.

  2. Gossip girl has gone so vile and disgraceful, before I only wanted to watch it for Chuck & Blair but even that is disappointing, so now I only want to see the face of Gossip Girl. I’m liking your fashion analysis, Lily looked priceless, and so did those earring, I WANT THEM!

    1. Thanks ♥ I agree: those earrings are so beautiful and they’re not even very expensive (ok, 132 euros are not exactly a bargain, but it’s less than the price of most fashion jewellery).

      That’s the point! I stopped liking Blair and Chuck in the third season, but knowing that Chair fans are not liking how things are going in the show tells a lot! It’s clear Josh Schwartz stopped caring about this tv show, which is a pity, but you know, history repeats itself: the same thing happened with The O.C.

  3. Serpenti di Bulgari,linea veramente ben riuscita,non c’é un modello che non vorrei.
    Aspetto la fine di questo show,consapevole che il meglio é già passato.

  4. I love that Jonathan Saunders dress, also the Duchess of Cambridge wore it during her royal tour in East Asia, with a Jane Taylor Millinery hat. You can see the pic at this link:

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