Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 3), Live Playoff Results and Final 12 Party

Here we go again! God, this has been a hectic week for me and for this blog. I think it’s the first time I’m writing one post after the other about Christina Aguilera’s style. The readers who are not her fans have probably got tired, but I’m receiving so many messages of appreciation for this kind of posts, and these keep me going. Thanks for all the love you’re showing me, I appreciate it so much ♥

Yesterday another episode of The Voice aired: after two parts of live playoffs, the results were announced; now the final 12 singers (three for each team) will take part into the last phase of the competition.

I’ve liked all the looks she’s sported so far, but yesterday she was stunning. Her outfit doesn’t convince me much (I’ll explain why), but her make-up and hair were flawless. She looked so sexy, with ruby red lips and a red fan.

She wore a sheer black long-sleeved top (worn over a leopard bra) and a Peter Pilotto printed flared skirt from the fall/winter 2012 collection. She accessorized it with a Versace studded belt. The problem is the combination of top and skirt. Maybe I’m just used to seeing Christina with a dress on, but I’m not sure the final result is flattering. I like the skirt per se, but not on Christina and not paired to that top.

This time she wore only two pieces of jewellery – Halleh solid triangle drop earrings and a diamond navette Loree Rodkin ring. The earrings are reminiscent of the triangle necklace she wore three days ago; I think she already wore this ring at the quarter finals in 2011.

As a red lipstick fan, I’m in love with the make-up she sported. Kristofer Buckle used MAC Ruby Woo lipstick (one of my favourite shades), topped with red glitter, so as to re-create the sparkling of Dorothy Gale’s iconic Ruby Slippers.

Later that night, Christina and the coaches attended a party and performed live to celebrate the 12 finalists. In this case, she wore another outfit, which included black sequined jeans, a striped long-sleeved top, a tweed jacket and black accessories. This outfit is not working for me, because the result is a bit boxy. I would have skipped the jacket, so as to create a less “busy” ensemble.

This Kidman jacket is an adorable creation by Alice+Olivia: it’s made of black and white tweed and has frayed hems. She wore it with a Joyrich striped top (the print on the front reproduces a famous picture of Kate Moss from the CK campaign) and with Frankie B Black Stardust jeans with sequined front panels.

She also wore Alexander McQueen Baroque Punk Skull peep-toe pumps made of suede, embellished with a metal skull on the front and tiny studs on the platform.

Her wool hat is the Maggie cap by Eugenia Kim (Christina is a fan of her designs). For the occasion, she retouched her lipstick, leaving the red glitter behind.

For the live performance she wore yet another outfit, which included leopard-print leggings, a loose white top, a lovely sequined short jacket and a Topshop studded denim vest.

The top could be a Breeze by Kate Dellon piece – you can see it’s customized (tiny safety pins connect the top to another piece of fabric) – but I’m not sure. Her jewellery included creations by Queen Vee: she wore the same winged earrings she wore two days ago.

Her ring with onyx and diamonds by Queen Vee is spectacular, I like it so much! I’m also in love with the sequined champagne shrug she wore: that shade is so refined and flattering!

What do you think of these three outfits? Which one is your favourite?

Source and source.


  1. i loved the skirt and the belt and the tight top amazing first time she wore something more the knee length on the voice and it looks gorgeous

  2. I’m not a Christina fan, but I love your blog and I enjoy these style posts – plus, I’m now in love with the Maggie cap 😉

    1. Thank you so much. I know all these posts can turn non-Christina fans down, but I’m glad you appreciate them the same.

      Oh, that cap is adorable!

    1. As I wrote on Twitter, it’s possible Kristofer Buckle used craft store glitter on her lips, too. I don’t think it’s very safe to use it but you can recreate the same look with MAC Red Glitter pigment on a red lipstick (Dita Von Teese uses this combo when she performs).

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