Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 3) – Live Playoffs, Part 2

The Voice is finally entering the hottest phase of the competition. This means we are given many episodes a week… and many Christina’s outfits! This is a very hard period for me: I wake up at 6.20 every day to go to school (it takes me 45 minutes to get there) and this routine is honestly killing me. But the most relaxing part of the day is when, after sending B to bed, I can sit down in front of my laptop and take some time to write about what she wore the night before.

This morning I was getting ready to leave home when I read a tweet by Jessica, a great supporter of my Christina posts and a huge Christina fan: “Christina’s outfit tonight was perfection!! I can’t wait till you see it!!”, she wrote, so you may imagine my excitement when I saw the outfit she had sported the night before. Before starting to see it in detail, let me tell you I absolutely love the color pattern of it, clearly inspired by the recent presidential elections (blue, red and white). And her make-up? Can there be anything more beautiful? Kristofer Buckle worked his magic on her, with those long winged eyes, the light blue glitters on the lid (to give the “feeling of twinkling stars”) and neutral lips. This make-up is so well-balanced, dramatic but refined.

Her dress has a simple shape – a sheath dress with v-shape neck – but details makes it special. This beautiful Yigal Azrouel jersey knit dress has interesting details on the back: a black insert and a visible turquoise and black zipper. She paired it to Giuseppe Zanotti yellow crystal-embellished sandals, which were previously spotted in Your Body music video.

Her sparkling headpiece was probably the most original element of her outfit. I’m a bit perplexed by the braid, because I think she would have looked better with a proper updo, but the choice of this Jennifer Behr crystal laurel comb was perfect. I’m not sure if Christina wore one or two combs; in any case, she looked amazing.

She wore two pairs of earrings, very different one from the other, but for some weird reason they worked well together. The gold ones are by K Brunini: they have a peculiar bow shape and they look like gold twigs; they are embellished with diamond-studded crosses, thus recreating Cupid’s weapons. The Queen Vee black ones have a wing shape (the Cupid theme is back): they are made of 18K white gold with black onyx and diamonds.

This time she wore no Loree Rodkin rings, but opted for other designers. She wore a ring embellished with a turquoise stone, another with a diamond and two rose-cut diamond rings by Atelier Minyon. I love the navette ring: its shape is old-fashioned and reminiscent of my favourite past age, the Victorian period. The white fan with black polka dots she held in her hands is by Dengra Designs.

During the episode, we got to see some backstage scenes, where Christina worked with the members of her team. Her casual outfit included a loose white sweater, black leggings, a black fedora hat and an array of gold necklaces. An unusual detail: she didn’t wear shoes!

Her Lennon sweater with loose knit details and cute cat faces on it is by Wildfox Couture. You may remember she wore a similar sweater (but with pink stars) at Before the Finale, a special programme which was aired last May just before the end of the season 2.

What do you think of her outfit? I’m glad she’s finally having fun with fashion, and her confidence shows from her style choices.




    1. Thanks! Much appreciated. The downside of Wildfox Couture clothing is the price, too expensive 😦 but the alternative you posted is awesome.

      Thank you for your support, it means a lot to me.

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