Christina Aguilera’s Style: Hurricane Sandy Telethon and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, November 2nd, 2012

Yesterday was a busy day for Christina Aguilera. The Staten Island-born singer attended Hurricane Sandy Telethon, which aided raising funds for supporting those affected by the storm which has recently hit the East Coast of the United States. I’m glad she took part into the event (Jon Bon Jovi, Sting, Billy Joel, Mary J. Blige and Bruce Springsteen were among the performers): tragic events happen, but I think celebrities have the duty to use their art and popularity to help the victims of these events.

No one can deny she’s one of the best singers out there, but sometimes haters shamelessly spread the word that she’s lost her voice, that she can’t sing or – worse – that she over-sings.

Well, yesterday’s heart-felt performance of her hit Beautiful talked all those rumours down. Whenever she sings this song, something magic happens: the lyrics and her voice are so intense, and always give a very strong message of self-confidence and hope.

She looked awesome, dressed in black and fuchsia. She wore a black top and tie-front blouse, studded leggings (the same she wore at the Samsung Galaxy Note II event) and a Dree silk blazer by Creatures of Comfort. I hope Mark Townsend will keep on working with her because I am in awe of her new hairstyle, which nods at the 50s: the combo quiff/ponytail gives her a very youthful and fresh look. I also like her make-up, with neutral shiny lips and smokey eyes.

She also wore a Red Cross pin on her black blouse and two rings, among which her trademark Maltese cross ring by Loree Rodkin.

Later, she made an appearance at the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, where she sported a slightly different outfit.

She looked sensational in her Creatures of Comfort fuchsia blazer, white t-shirt printed in pale pink, white streaked denim leggings and silver spiked pumps. I like her when she wears dresses, but this combination is lovely, too. I wish she dressed like this more often.

Her trousers are by one of her favourite denim brands, Frankie B. My BFF jeggings have a grey water colour print on a white background.

Her accessories included a diamond ring, a crystal three-element by Erickson Beamon, a Loree Rodkin diamond necklace, a chain necklace with an oval charm and a Cecilia de Bucourt silver spiked necklace (I love it!).

Her shoes were the Alti Spike pumps by Christian Louboutin in silver.

The best part of her appearance was when she sang her latest single, Your Body, with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots (omg, a match made in heaven, I’d love to hear her sing again with this group).

The impromptu performance was set in an office; no instruments, but office supplies used to make music. Brilliant and funny! She was holding a stapler, which makes me think of the lyrics of Elastic Love, a song written by M.I.A. and included in Bionic.

In this case, she wore the Z. Vargas studded biker jacket she had worn at the Samsung event and a Gansevoort lurex striped sweater by Rag & Bone. Her accessories included a three-pyramid gold ring, gold earrings, spiked bracelets and a cute studded teddy bear necklace by Disaya (you may remember she first wore the same necklace while promoting Bionic in New York in 2010). In this case, she wore her hair loose and centre-parted. I know I’ve already said it lots of times, but I’m in love with her hot pink hair ♥

Source, source, source, source and source.



    1. Me too! That retro hairstyle came quite unexpected and this is one of the reasons why I’ve appreciated it so much.
      No, sorry: I usually focus on what she wears at social events/public appearances. I’d like to write more about her but I’m busy with my job and family, so this is the best I can do 😦 Btw, I saw the pics and I liked the outfit, even if I don’t like that blouse and scarf very much.

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