We Only Come Out At Night

Dallo Spazio is not a personal style blog and never will, but once in a while I like letting my readers step into my closet, where anarchy rules. I don’t like following trends, I hate style handbooks and all those “experts” who tell you what to wear, as if you were a life-size doll and not a person with her own taste (good or bad) and passions. In the early 2000s I had a different attitude, especially when it came to it bags, but now I’m at a point in which I could easily bury the whole world of fashion with a huge “whatever”. Besides my everyday style, which is not as flamboyant as it used to be some years ago, there are special occasions in which I still have fun with fashion; one of these is Halloween. In Italy it’s an imported festivity, but it has always had a peculiar meaning to me. As a die-hard lover of all things creepy and as a long-time pumpkin carver, the last day of October represents a pause from the ordinary, a moment to devote to mystery and imagination.

This Halloween B and I were invited to a children’s party; as soon as I got the invitation, I started thinking about the costumes we could wear. Traditional Halloween costumes are boring and predictable, so I decided to opt for something unusual and totally spooky.

This is me in front of the mirror just before leaving to the party. I don’t have any full-figure mirror at home, so you can’t see the whole outfit, which included a short-sleeved sweater, a black slip, a long black chiffon dress with floral print worn on a pair of black leggings. As you can see from the picture, I also wore long pearl necklaces as bracelets, a paisley-printed black veil on my face and a flower crown. I’m sure you’re wondering what kind of costume is that, right?

B and I dressed in the same way: she wore a H&M abstract-print dress over a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved wool sweater. The accessories were – again – a veil (red this time), a flower crown and beaded bracelets. How cute are the pics above? B wanted them to be taken with her holding her favourite stuffed toy 🙂

This is me again: the picture was taken by B after the party. I was holding our cat Acqua on my lap and he took advantage of that to attack my veil. Help!

Veils, crowns and mismatched clothes: these were the main features of the spectacular Fall 2010 collection by Meadham Kirchhoff, which served as the main source of inspiration for our costumes. The collections of the London-based designing duo are usually packed with references to the 90s, but this collection in particular summarizes many things I love of that decade, combined with the eerie touch of veils and crowns. The models on the runway wore paper crowns on their veils, but I decided to devote some time to a super-easy DIY project and did our flower crowns – I carefully watched Petra and Tavi’s video tutorial and came up with beautiful crowns. I’m so proud of the final results!

This is B’s crown: I used fabric orchids, beige satin ribbons and her favourite My Little Pony, Rainbow Dash.

My crown is pretty similar to hers: I used the same fabric orchids, plus red satin and velvet ribbons and a tiny plastic bat. I’m not good at DIY but these were so easy to make! All you need is a headband, fabric flowers and other decorations and a glue gun. In the Rookie video tutorial Petra and Tavi used a cool pink glue gun, while I got one from my father – an old style which was not that easy to use, but I made it.

Halloween is not complete without a jack-o-lantern, a carved pumpkin with a candle inside which is thought to chase ghosts away. I used to carve pumpkins from our garden but this year I bought one; the ones we have on our garden have a very thick rind which is practically impossible to carve. October 31st was a hectic day for me, as usual, so I didn’t have much time to devote to carve the pumpkin; I’m pretty satisfied with the final result, especially when it comes to the mouth full of fangs 😉 Scary, right?

B and I spent our evening watching old Casper episodes, which we love so much. My favourite is To Boo or Not to Boo?, where the friendly ghost takes part into a Halloween party dressed as… himself; there he finally meets a friend, a cute fellow ghost called Lou. I had planned to watch Hocus Pocus, too, but I ended up spending the rest of the evening writing blog posts.

How did you spend your Halloween night? I know many Italians don’t like this festivity because it’s not part of our culture, they perceive it as the nth symbol of the American cultural colonization and as a huge hail to the Devil. I don’t like the idea of spending Halloween as a simple occasion to get dressed and go out to party (well, I never go out to party, as a matter of fact), because I think the real spirit of the festivity means focusing on its deeper meaning – the end of summer, a moment to think about the cycle of life. Do you agree?



  1. I love your costumes! You were so original and spooky!
    I love Halloween, but this year we stayed home watching Doctor Who, because we were tired and there was the storm… at least we watched really spooky episodes 😉

  2. Amo tutte le tradizioni e le rispetto. Penso sia importante però preservare le proprie. Non capisco come mai, improvvisamente, verso la fine degli anni ’90 Halloween sia arrivato anche da noi, soffocando completamente la nostra festa di Ognissanti e dei defunti. In Sicilia la festa è molto sentita ed esiste una tradizione legata al ricordo dei morti dal significato profondo. Ricordo che mia nonna tirava fuori tutte le foto dei parenti morti e le metteva su un tavolo apparecchiato per l’occasione con candele e fiori. Io guardavo rapita tutte quelle immagini, quei volti, quelle espressioni serie o sorridenti. Mia nonna mi raccontava la storia di ognuno di loro e trovavo che fosse una maniera dolce e nostalgica per ricordare chi non c’era più. Poi, secondo la tradizione siciliana, il giorno dei morti, i bambini ricevono dei regali. I morti portano loro dei doni che nascondono in casa. Scatta così la caccia al regalo e i “morti”non fanno più paura.
    Halloween preferisco vederlo celebrato nei film americani, io continuo a festeggiare “i morti”, anche se ormai non mi portano più regali 🙂

    Il tuo costume e quello di B sono bellissimi, adoro le corone di fiori, sei stata davvero brava.

  3. Well, I am American and grew up with Halloween traditions of dressing up in costume and trick or treating (basically going to the doors of our neighborhoods and expecting candy to be given with a “Trick or Treat”. Lately, it seems people go all out and make haunted houses in their driveways, decorate their yards with spookieness all in good fun. I tend to see it as the ending Fall as November gets more wintery. It is also supposed to be a superstitious night of thinned barriers between the dead (souls) and the living (if one were a spiritualist).

  4. Love your blog! I’m a big Xtina fan and a Fashion Designer. Love your Halloween look! So chic! And I enjoy reading all your features on Xtina’s looks. Keep it my dear! I’M A BIG! xx

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