Christina Aguilera’s Style: Celebrating Halloween, October 27th and 31st, 2012

Halloween is just around the corner, but celebrities seem to have taken advantage of the weekend to celebrate the spookiest festivity of the year; among them, Christina Aguilera, who has a passion for all things creepy and festive. On October 31st she was spotted out in Brentwood, trick or treating at Max’s school.

She sported a super-cute outfit, with nods to skulls, bones and vampires. One more reason why I like it is because she wore items which she had worn before, thus showing that (some) celebrities are just like us, who wear things over and over again.

The sweater is to die for: it’s sequin-embellished and has a vampire mouth on the front. It’s a Markus Lupfer creation made of black merino wool.

She paired an expensive item (the sweater is 354 euros) with a cheap one: her Skulls N’ Crosses skull and bones leggings are just $ 19.60.

She carried an Alexander Wang Rockie bag in black pebble leather with pale gold studs and Christian Dior patent ballerina flats with metal monogram. She was spotted wearing the same flats last January.

Her sunglasses are by Chloé and are decorated by a tiny star on the lens. She first wore the same sunnies (the style is called Tilia) in 2009.

On October 27th she invited her friends at her place for the occasion, but I’m sure this is just one of the parties she will throw. She greeted paparazzi and posed for them with her boyfriend Matt in front of her house, so we’ve had the chance to see what she wore.

Christina is never shy when it comes to showing off her curves, so no surprise that she opted for a skimpy outfit. Matt wore a warrior chainmail costume, her knight in shining armour 😉 Her outfit included a black minidress with shredded bodice, an orange bra, fishnet stockings, black boots, sparkling jewellery and a pink wig with white crown.

Her awesome suede boots are by Giuseppe Zanotti: I28041001 (this is the code of the style) have sculpted metal heels and inside platforms.

She wore an array of jewellery, among which chain and crystal bracelets and necklace, crystal earrings and a spectacular necklace by Erickson Beamon: Girly Queen (such a poetic name for a necklace!) is made of gold-plated brass, embellished with faceted and polished Swarovski pearls and crystals. Other accessories included fingerless mesh gloves and a black cage belt decorated with crystal threads.

The wig and the overall mood of the costume reminds me of the spider queen outfit she sported in 2007: one can’t deny both are trashy, but I think Halloween is the right time of the year to yield to fashion crimes and get away with it, right?

What do you think of Christina’s outfit? And what about you? Are you dressing up for the night “HE came home”? B and I are going to a children’s party and I’m busy with making our costumes. At the moment I’m making Rookie-inspired flower crowns, but I can’t wait to put all the pieces of the outfit together. It’s a surprise costume, I’m so excited about it!!!

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