From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (6.02 – High Infidelity)

After an interesting episode, Gossip Girl seems to be back at its old tricks. As the final season is slowly developing, the authors are desperately trying to revive some elements of the plot which made it famous – Blair as Queen B and her minions, for example. What was new and kind of exotic (a gang of perfectly accessorized schoolgirls and their intrigues) in the first seasons, now sounds kind of wrong and pathetic. I like the fact that many minor characters are making appearances (Nelly Yuki in the second episode), but the plot is still incredibly inconsistent and shallow. The second episode of the sixth season – High Infidelity [1] – clearly shows all this.

Despite all my considerations, I’m still curious to see what will happen between Lily and Bart. The first scene where my favourite character appears is set in her living room: she’s sitting at a table with her husband, Chuck and Amira, and they’re having brunch. Chuck is desperately trying to find out what happened to his father (and what he was up to) during his disappearance; Lily can’t imagine his intentions, but she feels something is wrong. I love her outfit in this scene: she’s wearing a lovely purple sheath dress and sparkling accessories, her Upper East Side princess style at its best.

She often wears beautiful clip earrings, and these – embellished by grey crystals – are such a classic piece.

Here is a better view on her sheath dress. It’s made of purple silk, it has cap sleeves, slightly pleated accents on the front and an adorable bow belt.

Her hairstyle is noteworthy, too. It’s not her trademark messy bun, but a über-chic version of the infamous bow hair, seen on anyone – from Lady GaGa to Paris Hilton.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to identify what she wore so far, apart from her cuff bracelet. It’s a piece from the Titania collection by Matthew Campbell Laurenza: Goddess of the Seas (this is the poetic name of this piece) is made of enamel and embellished by a pavé of colourful crystals. The cuff seen on Lily is green and makes a nice contrast with her purple dress.

The second – and last – scene where Lily appears is set again in her living room. Lily has found out Bart had an affair with Amira, but she doesn’t know there’s more behind it. Amira – says Chuck – probably witnessed an important moment in his father’s “second” life, something Bart wants to keep secret.

When the woman leaves, promising Bart she won’t say anything, he finds a way to his wife’s heart – a diamond necklace by Harry Winston.

The necklace is spectacular, a double strand of diamonds with three amazing round-cut front stones. In this scene, she’s sporting a refined set of loungewear – a cashmere cardigan with belt and a silk white nightgown. At this point of the tv show, it’s nice to see some recurring elements. You may remember we saw a similar scene in the 2nd season (the episode was 2×05, The Serena Also Rises), when Bart gave Lily a spectacular emerald and diamond necklace. In that scene, Lily was wearing a purple Nicole Miller dress, the same colour she sported in this episode of the 6th season. I don’t think it’s a coincidence: in the 2nd season, the relation between Lily and Bart was going through a rough patch, while in this case I think troubles are just around the corner.

Any suggestions on the identity of what she wore in this episode are more than welcome! xoxo

[1] The title of the episode comes from High Fidelity, a 2000 movie by Stephen Frears, starring John Cusak and inspired to a Nick Hornby novel.




  1. I love how Serena and Lily are in harmonious jewel tones during their scene together. I know that you focus on Lily’s wardrobe, but I noticed that Serena’s look has matured this season and while she still shows some skin with each outfit, it’s nothing compared to some of the more outlandish things she has worn.

    1. I agree. I’ve been surprised (in a good way) by Serena’s outfits so far. The return of the headband in Blair’s accessory closet is embarassing but perfectly symbolizes her inability to grow up and move on with her life. On the contrary, S seems to have found a new balance: she’s more mature and she’s finally starting to achieve something in her life. I loved the orange top/floral skirt combo she sported in the closing scene, in particular.

  2. Sto aspettando con trepidazione il tuo commento alla terza puntata…c’è una teiera di cui sono curiosissima di sapere di più! Sapendo della tua collezione sono quasi sicura che non ti sarà sfuggita!

    1. Ho notato subito quella bellissima teiera 😉 Grazie per aver trovato ulteriori dettagli a riguardo. Purtroppo non scriverò della terza puntata, visto che Lily non è stata tra i protagonisti 😦

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