From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (6.01 – Gone Maybe Gone)

…and they’re back! The long-awaited 6th and last season of Gossip Girl kicked off yesterday, to much delight of the show’s fans, who eagerly waited for it to come back. I’ve already explained what I think of this last season and you know how disappointed I was at the end of the 5th season. I don’t think these last episodes won’t make up for the some terrible (and honestly incredible, in a negative sense) seasons we’ve been given so far, but I’m curious to see if the secret about Gossip Girl’s identity is finally uncovered. At the same time, I’m watching it because Lily’s outfits are always a good reason to do it.

The opening scene is set at Lily’s apartment, where she’s just arrived with Bart. They spent their summer at the Seychelles (where they renewed their vows), in Africa with Eric and in the Hamptons. Drama is waiting for our favourite Upper East Side princess, though, when she finds out Serena has never been home during the summer.

The outfit she sports in this scene is the epitome of her refined style – a lovely printed silk dress with sparkly accessories and a clutch.

The dress is a creation by the American designer Doo.ri: Sonia is an abstract print dress with silver beaded accents. The dress originally comes with a white belt, but I’m glad Eric Daman decided to remove it. Here Lily is explaining Bart Serena was supposed to keep the apartment in order and to take care of the incoming mail, something which she hasn’t done; moreover, the girl doesn’t answer her mother’s texts (“our primary mode of communication”), so Lily starts being worried.

Her clutch is by Devi Kroell: it has a wooden frame and is made of lizard leather (or is it stingray?). Call it coincidence, but both bags seen on her in this episode are made of this exotic leather.

Her accessories include two cocktail rings (one of which is embellished with an aquamarine stone) and a pair of crystal-studded round clip earrings.

A close-up on her updo is a must: this time, she’s given a new twist to her trademark chignon with some braids. Don’t you love it? I think it’s so classy and romantic!

Something is wrong with Serena: she’s never been home during the summer and she even left without her passport. Lily is talking to an officer on the phone, when Bart and Amira, a “new friend” whom he met in Dubai. In the screencap above, our attention focuses on the lizard bag on Lily’s desk – a beautiful Miss Dior flap bag. You may remember she carried two Miss Dior bags in the 5th season – one in black and one in bordeaux crocodile. Her lace sleeveless dress is adorable, too.

In this case, she’s sporting her trademark messy chignon.

At a certain point of the episode, as it always happens in this show, things take the road of absurdity. Lily goes to Rufus in Brooklyn to see if Dan is in contact with Serena. She has no luck (he explains Dan is in Italy and Lily should have known that), but she gets a surprise instead, when she finds out Ivy is now staying with Rufus. The girl says Rufus saved her when she was penniless and on the verge of doing “something desperate”. Lily is appalled and goes away. In this scene, we can see she’s also wearing a pair of gold platform sandals with ankle straps.

Later in the episode, Rufus goes to Lily to apologize and to support her for Serena being missing. He tells her that, despite their own daughters being rebellious and reckless, they will be fine. What he says is meaningless, because Serena and Jenny’s behaviour is partly caused by their parents’ attitude (Lily asks herself why she hasn’t realized before that it was not ok to spend a whole summer without talking to her daughter), but he seems optimistic. This is a moment in which they remember their past together, and we see there’s still something between them. The arrival of Ivy and her announcement about an art gallery (“We got it!”) immediately sets a different tone and Rufus leaves. In the screencap above we can see Lily’s beautiful Simplicity crystal earrings by Swarovski.

At the very end of the episode, Serena is finally home with her new boyfriend Steven. It will be interesting to see how Lily will react to the return of her prodigal daughter.

What do you think of this first episode? I didn’t really like it, because most characters are back to their old selves, but it will be nice to witness the evolution of Dan, who will surely bring his dark side out.

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  1. Here are some of my thoughts on the episode…I felt a bomb was dropped in the exposition scene in which Lily & Bart return. They renewed their vows? So her marriage to Rufus didn’t count? Bart WAS legally dead. How did this happen? We never heard Rufus’ side. Was there an actual divorce?

    Lily’s dress in the first scene stood out to me because it wasn’t her usual neutral toned look. It has a pattern AND beads. This dress says that she’s been in a happy/playful mood and is the wife of a very wealthy man. The second dress, which is made of lace, reminded me of a wedding dress. A call back to renewing her vows, but the dress is not white, it’s grey. Which says to me that she’s not as happy as she appears to be and you make an interesting point about her bags being made of exotic leather!

    I also noticed something between Rufus and Lily when they were chatting in her apartment. We’ll have to see what happens!

    Loved your post…great job as usual!

    P.S. IMO, in the first scene, Lily is wearing braided pieces in her hair.

    1. Yes, that point about Lily and Rufus’ wedding (and divorce) was unclear. I think Lily has never really loved Bart, but she’s got many reasons why she thinks it’s better to stay with him than with Rufus. We don’t know what really happened between them (super-quick divorce? Is that possible?), but I don’t like what is happening with Ivy either. The closing scene was kind of shocking for me…

      I agree on the choice of the colourful dress: its shape is so Lily but all those colours and embellishment are not. I also agree on the lace dress, it’s something which reminds me of Charles Dickens’ Miss Havisham, who wore her yellowing wedding dress all through her life.

      The bags in exotic leathers are clearly a status symbol of her position in society. No wonder she carries them around now that she’s Mrs Bass again.

      Yes, those are definitely braided pieces. Kelly Rutherford’s hair is too short to make such a complex braided updo.

  2. Well, we know that Ivy wants to get back at Lily and that obviously means toying with Rufus in some way. He may be lonely since his divorce and since Lily is now remarried, there is nothing to stop him from moving on. We’ll have to see how he feels about things in the next episode!

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