“I Am a Freak, I’m Disturbed”: Christina Aguilera’s Your Body Music Video

… and the day we were all waiting for finally arrived! Yesterday Your Body, a brand-new video by Christina Aguilera, premiered on her Vevo channel. She had released teasers from the video and they looked amazing, but watching it as a whole is definitely better. Just a few considerations before starting to see what she wore. When Not Myself Tonight music video came out (it was two years ago, in 2010), I was extremely disappointed: the song was not good as a leading single and the s&m/fetish triumph in the video was so out-of-place. A lot has changed since then, and I’m glad it has because Your Body is really the introduction to a new era: Christina flaunts her curves with pride, she has even dyed her hair in rainbow colours, she doesn’t feel the need to hide behind an aggressive mask anymore. This video, directed by Melina Matsoukas, shows the most colourful, sexiest and funniest side of Christina, as emphasized by her outfits.

The concept of the video is nice: Christina is a femme fatale who seduces men before taking her vengeance on them. She lives in a trailer, seeks advice on Oranum.com (“the world’s largest psychic community”) and wears super-sexy clothes. In the opening scene she’s playing an arcade computer game and sports an outfit we’ve already seen in a Twitter pic she posted some time ago – leopard cami, purple bra, printed shorts and a faded denim jacket.

She also wears an array of bracelets and rings (a leit-motif of the video), big crystal star earrings and a pair of white baroque sunglasses by Mercura NYC, previously featured in Numero magazine #135.

The lovely charm bracelet she’s wearing is Pinata, a creation by Venessa Arizaga, made of silver plated chain with lapis threading, embellished with metal, shell, rhinestone and ceramic charms and hand-painted cameos. The name of this bracelet will return in the video 😉

In the following scene, she’s sporting the same outfit, but there’s a change in her look, thanks to lavender curly hair. I’ve often complained about her hair, but this time I must admit she’s given us lots to talk about, many different hair styles and colours!

Part of the video is set outside her trailer, where she’s lounging with some friends. In this case, she’s wearing a gorgeous pair of high-waisted leopard-print leggings, a floral corset and a purple bra. My Little Pony mermaid hair can be seen in all its glory. I am in awe!

The leggings she’s wearing are actually skin-tight pants from the Summer 2012 collection of Charlie by Matthew Zink. The same pants have been spotted on Rihanna.

Her big oval earrings are a Dannijo creation: Siobhan earrings are made of multicolour Swarovski crystals and turquoise stones.

Crystals characterize most of her jewellery: in this scene she wears two pieces by Erickson Beamon – Modern Mughal ring (with multi-sized Swarovski crystals) and Frostbite bracelet (with fuchsia and clear Swarovski crystals).

Her Giuseppe Zanotti yellow sandals are crystal-embellished, too!

Another scene is set in the trailer: in this case Christina is eating cereals from a bowl and watching old cartoons on tv. I love her outfit here, because it’s an incredible mix of old (I’m thinking of the 60s) and new. She’s wearing a pink bra, a yellow top and skin-tight strawberry red pants; her braided updo is decorated with a pale orange plastic bow. Besides a series of charm bracelets, she’s wearing another piece by Erickson Beamon, a crystal bib necklace with “Rich Bitch” in hot pink letters on it.

Her outfit contrasts with the pale tones of the trailer: everything is pastel-coloured (see the marshmallows on the coffee table) or faded (see the floral sofa), a detail which I think is used to introduce some cultural references from the 60s in the video. This is not the first time she plays with images from the past (just think of Candyman music video), but what is special here is the original cross-over between old and new. In the screencap above, her lovely leopard-print Dolly shoes by Charlotte Olympia are visible.

Charlie by Matthew Zink skin-tight pants are back in this scene in a different shade.

In the following scene, she gets her vengeance plan started. She’s a sexy hitch-hiker in the middle of nowhere, wearing a long white t-shirt, hot pink shoes and carrying an old-fashioned suitcase. Her loose wavy hair is decorated by a bandanna and a cage veil, an interesting take on another reference to the past (remember the Rosie-the-Riveter look she sported in Candyman?). At the same time, I think Christina’s stylist, Simone Harouche, took inspiration from the beanie hat/cage veil combo seen on Jil Sander spring/summer 2012 catwalk.

She’s also wearing a leopard-print cardigan and net stockings.

The writing on her long-sleeved t-shirt reads “Fuck the Paparazzi”, a straightforward message indeed. In this scene, Christina sets the car of her lover on (a pink) fire. Boom! Boy #1 is gone.

A recurring piece of jewellery is a cross-shaped ring by Stephen Webster: in the opening scene Christina wears the white version, while in the car scene she wears the black one. Another detail in the old/new theme is her mousepad, which is actually a pot holder.

In this scene another ring is visible – a Lanvin heart-shaped ring made of brass and enamel, embellished with Swarovski crystals.

Christina finds her Boy #2 at a bar: she gives him a provocative look, struts to a billiard and soon after that takes him to the toilet. I was surprised by her look in this scene: her braided hair is clearly a reference to the promotional pictures of Stripped, a nice nod to her own past. In this case she’s wearing a denim vest, a skin-tight dress and a black beanie hat.

Her Rowena Fiji dress by Motel has a gorgeous floral print and a sexy cut-out on the back (not visible in the video, because she was wearing the denim vest). She leaves the boy unconscious on the toilet floor, after splattering the room with a pale blue glue-y paint (ehm, ehm). Boy #2 is gone!

The spectacular flower-embellished platform shoes she wears in this scene are by Charlotte Olympia.

Another scene is set outside the trailer: here Christina uses sprays her legs and starts a tanning session in a sunbed. This may be an ironic reference to the infamous spray tan incident at Etta James’ funeral; in any case, Christina knows how to mix trashy and classy in a sublime mix. The sunbed contrasts with the pale pink sofa and the inflatable snow man, but the final result is incredibly appealing.

Here she’s wearing a denim jacket and shorts, the leopard-print Dolly pumps and an American Apparel Malibu printed one-piece swimsuit.

The spectacular pair of cat’s eye sunglasses she’s wearing is by Mercura NYC. These Chunky Crystal sunnies include a crystal chain; they were spotted on the stylist Joy Adaeze in September 2012, while she was attending the New York fashion week. Christina completes her patriotic outfit with crystal hoop earrings and necklace and with a nice 50s-style updo.

Our femme fatale goes on the hunt of Boy #3 on her pink pick-up: she stops at a drugstore hiding a baseball bat behind her back, and here she finds her victim. The most notable details in this look are her straight pink hair and the Mercura NYC Golden Girl Moon & Stars sunglasses.

She plays the sex kitten with the hunky shop boy, who will soon fall into her trap. In the screencap above, we can see she’s wearing lots on rings, among which another Erickson Beamon piece, the Duchess of Fabulous spiral ring with oval-cut crystals, and an Emilio Pucci crystal-embellished star ring.

Her curves are emphasized by a Faster by Mark Fast black knitted dress with hole-and-rib decorations on the front, on shoulders and sleeves.

In the drugstore and hitch-hiking scenes she wears the same pair of shoes, glitter-soled Tame suede pumps by Jimmy Choo. I’m a bit surprised of the fact she doesn’t wear any Christian Louboutin shoes in this video, but I’m glad she decided to wear shoes by other designers. The Charlotte Olympia ones, in particular, are stunning, aren’t they?

She takes the shop boy at a motel and here she takes her vengeance: she apparently hits him with the bat as if he were a piñata. His remains? A shower of metallic pink glitter! And Boy #3 is gone! In this scene her Emilio Pucci crystal-embellished star earrings are visible.

As I said at the beginning of the post, many are the cultural reference to the past in this video, in particular those related to technology and tv. In the opening scene, Christina is playing an arcade game with a joystick; she’s got a common CRT monitor and not a flat one. Christina has often said she doesn’t love technology but she’s a die-hard arcade game fan, so here’s what these old-fashioned devices come from.

Oranum.com appears twice in the video: at first, the fortune-teller tells Christina she’s going to have “a killer week”, which is quite ironic, right? The same website appears on a CRT monitor in the drugstore: poor Boy #3 is said that is not his lucky day (as a matter of fact, he will explode in a glitter shower). Both monitors and images appearing on them look from a different decade, from the 56K-era.

There’s a tv in Christina’s trailer and it’s old-fashioned, too. At first she’s watching a cartoon starring three wolves (Wolf! Wolf! a 1944 episode of Mighty Mouse). Another hint at old technology is the VCR above the tv and some video tapes.

The last reference to old tv shows are the opening credits (in black and white) of the 5th season of The Lucy Show, aired in 1966/1967. I’ve read the kaleidoscope images were featured in the 4th season’s opening credits, too, so I’m not sure Christina was actually watching the 5th season. Lucille Ball is a symbol of a brilliant, funny, ironic and independent woman, a ground-breaking figure in the American cinema and television. For this reason, it’s not hard to see why she appears in Your Body.

On Tumblr you can find tons of gifs from the video, but this is one of my favourites. Whip that My Little Pony mermaid hair, grrrl!

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is Your Body in all its pink and glittering glory. What do you think? Yay or nay? I think it’s a huge improvement from the Bionic era videos: Christina clearly has fun with music and her own image again, and this video is just the first step of her new journey.




  1. As usual, great post. I was waiting for your style breakdown of the video, you do a great job with this.
    I also loved the video, it is her back to having fun with her look and just blowing everyone away.

    I loooove all the bling in the video. Amazing pieces.
    The earings in the ‘pink wig look’ are by Pucci.
    I think the floral print mini-dress is Dolce & Gabanna, her corset and hot pants also.

    Love your blog.

    1. Awww, thank you ♥♥♥

      I love those earrings. If I’m not mistaken, she wore them in the past but I’ve never been able to identify them. Thanks a lot.
      I agree: all those floral pieces really look by Dolce & Gabbana, but I’m looking for pictures of them before posting the id.

      1. You are welcome.

        The dress looks fall 2010 and the corset and hotpants look spring 2010 but I could not ID also.

  2. Where’s the shirt that says f the paparazzi from? That shirt is so cute . I want something similar but without the words.

  3. Hi hi, I’m bothering you again but I love your Christina Aguilera’s style!. Can you make it about Ain’t no other man?? I’m so excited with ur blog since so long!!


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