Christina Aguilera’s Style: ALMA Awards, September 16, 2012

I was pretty excited to learn Christina Aguilera was among the nominees at the 2012 edition of the NCLR Alma Awards. Christina has attended these awards several times: she’s part Ecuadorean, so she perfectly falls into the goal of the award show, which is ” to mix entertainment with mission by showcasing outstanding artists and talented individuals, while underscoring the need to continue to change current media perceptions and representations of Hispanic Americans.” She was nominated in the category “favourite tv reality, variety or comedy personality or act”, which she won!

Didn’t she look amazing on stage? I admire her so much for proudly showing off her curves, without caring what people say. Try to read on gossip sites what people think of her outfits: “she’s fat”, “she should wear outfits more appropriate to her figure”, “hot mess” and so on. You know what? Sometimes she has the “Mariah Carey syndrome” (wearing clothes that are way too tight) and no one can deny it, but what’s the point of criticising her? It’s clear she feels confident enough to wear whatever she likes and one must give her credit for that. This time I think her outfit was simply flawless – event-appropriate and sexy.

She wore a lovely side-slit dress with lace insets by Michael Kors, which beautifully emphasized her figure. I love this dress because it’s sexy in a classy way: the side slit and the insets on the sides and on the back turn a potentially boring style into a show-stopper. She paired it to a spectacular pair of Christian Louboutin crystal-studded Decorapump pumps.

She also wore an array of Art Deco-style diamond bracelets and rings, and a pair of diamond-studded platinum and onyx earrings, all by Neil Lane. I love her make-up here and I appreciate her efforts to experiment with different lip colours. Her eye make-up echoed the purple/fuchsia highlights in her hair.

She carried a Deco crystal minaudiere by Judith Leiber. The geometric pattern on this evening bag is so versatile and nicely complemented her lace dress.

I am in awe of the purple highlights in her hair, which she styled in a neat ponytail. This is a pretty unusual hairstyle for her, but she looked good and elegant.

I’m 100% sure both Christina and her stylist, Simone Harouche, knew someone else had already worn that dress. That “someone” is none other than Angelina Jolie, who striked her trademark pose in it while attending the 23rd Annual Producers Guild Awards in Beverly Hills on January 22nd, 2012. The “who wore it best” game is quite useless here and so are comparisons between the two. I think they both did the dress justice, because they brought it to life in their own personal way. I prefer it on Christina because she accessorized it better, but Angelina looked stunning, as well.

What do you think of her outfit? Improvement or let-down?

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  1. Incredibile come questo MKors stia meglio a C!,la fa apparire veramente sinuosa.
    Tutto il resto é complessivamente too much.
    Orecchini favolosi.

    1. Ormai bisogna prendere atto del fatto che Christina non sarà mai la bambola nelle mani di una stylist. Lei ha questo stile un po’ eccessivo, decisamente NON minimale, quindi un dettaglio “di troppo” ci sarà sempre, il che non è male. L’importante è che azzecchi la scelta del vestito/degli abbinamenti. Qui avrei tolto bracciali e anelli.

    1. Well, Monday was my off-school day, so I had some free time to write about her outfit. This year I’m very busy with my job but I’ll try to do my best to keep on writing about her style.

  2. hi again , did you notices xtina’s style in the interviews when she was wearing a white jacket that has a idk what to call it ! like a folded sholder with a black top or dress underneath and a necklese that shes turned inside the top\dress instead of outside !?

    i really loved the jacket

    1. Oh, wait! Do you mean interviews in The Voice? I haven’t watched them lately because I know she’s still sporting the white blazer/black dress combo. I’ll check the last episode out and I’ll let you know.

  3. Great article! I personally love Christina Aguilera for her voice and amazing talent as a singer, regardless of what she wears. She could put on a thousand pounds, but as long as she keeps singing, who cares?
    Very well written, I’ve started to follow you 🙂

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