Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 3) – Blind Auditions

… and they’re baaack! The second season of The Voice finished on May 9th, 2012, but yesterday a brand new season started. I’m so excited for this show: the competition is always exciting and the contestants are super-talented! Moreover, I’m looking forward to seeing what Christina has in store for us. During this season, she’ll surely present her upcoming single, Your Body, and hopefully a new change of style (and hair!) will follow. In the meantime, here is what she wore yesterday.

The episode was introduced by a group performance: the coaches (Cee-lo Green, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Christina) gave a great rendition of a classic song by the Rolling Stones, Start Me Up. This song comes from my favourite Stones period, the 80s: it was featured in their 1981 album Tattoo You and it’s still one of their most famous songs. Christina sounded and looked great. Even her hair (you know I’m kind of obsessed with it) looked lovely, curly but not messy.

Her performance outfit included a spectacular chain corset by The Blonds, from the fall 2012 collection, and Christian Louboutin Harletty buckle boots (she already wore them in the second season of the show). I think The Blonds designs are amazing on the curvaceous body of Christina and incredibly amplify her glam factor. She wore a slighly modified version of the corset seen on the catwalk: the upper part of the bodice had a visible strapless bra, a detail surely added to give her more support in that area. I love love love the exaggerated hips and the intricate chain embellishments. She completed her outfit with her trademark XTINA knuckle duster by Stephen Webster and chandelier earrings.

I’ve already analyzed the outfit she sported during the blind auditions, but it seems yesterday she wore something a little different. The blind auditions will be aired in three different episodes, so probably in this first one she kept her white blazer but opted to wear it with other clothes. In the screencap above we can see the long star pendant earring she wore along with other pieces of jewellery. Before seeing her outfit in detail, a few words on hair and make-up: I’m a bit disappointed by her hairstyle because she looks much better with curly or wavy hair, but I love her make-up, with heavy smoky eyes and a nice coral/orange lipstick.

Her white blazer is a Balmain creation, from the Resort 2012 collection: I like it because its lapels are embellished with gold chains, a nod to the corset worn during the opening performance. In this screencap we can see her gold manicure, very nice! I’m pretty sure she wore nail stickers.

Her cut-out, zipped and buckled corset belt is by Hervé Leger, from the Fall 2011 collection. We can also see some of the rings she wore, among which one with a beautiful white oval stone.

She wore the white blazer with a black low-cut top and black leather shorts.

Identifying her shoes is usually hard, but my guess is that she wore Christian Louboutin Very Mix peep-toe pumps.

During the episode some behind-the-scene moments were aired. In this case, Christina was wearing a long-sleeved black top, a white leather jacket, a silver chain necklace and awesome Loree Rodkin hoop earrings embellished with a central Maltese cross. I love her make-up here: it’s a bit over the top (especially the eyes, so dramatic), but she looked beautiful.

This outfit was not seen in the episode, but in Access Hollywood, showing the coaches’ compound backstage. Christina looked gorgeous! I hope she’ll wear tight and printed dresses again (it was a recurring theme of the second season), because they look perfect on her. She wore a long-sleeved Alexander McQueen jellyfish print dress in a pale shade of blue.

I like her hairstyle and hot pink lipstick, too. She also wore Loree Rodkin double hoop earrings, similar to those she seen at the blind auditions of season 2.

I’m very satisfied with her outfits of this first episode, but now I want things to keep getting better. Are you excited for her comeback?




  1. Hey you! I love that balmain white jacket and those shoes ❤ I as you want a different hair color for her but I don't think is going to happen :/

  2. hiii ,

    i think she switched outfits between the first style you detailed when we got the season 3 behind the scenes pic of all the coaches with carson and the leather shorts and top , don’t you think

    + i LOVE that corset

    1. You’re right. I think she wore both outfits (the black dress and the top/shorts combo) with the white blazer during the taping of the blind auditions.

  3. can you please detail hat grahams outfit at a samsung event it was all black pants and top her pants were amazing I STILL CAN FORGET THEM AND IM OBSESSED I WANT TO BUY THEM

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