From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van Der Woodsen’s Style On the Set

Can you feel a special atmosphere in the air? Well, probably you can because you’re on holiday and everything is so relaxed and exciting. There’s actually another reason behind my question and I’m sure Gossip Girl fans know what I’m referring to. The 6th and final season of the tv show is being filmed in New York and we are given daily reports about who appeared on set. As usual, I’m keeping an eye on Kelly Rutherford’s sightings; lots of pictures from the set have been posted on Twitter and Instagram by Kelly herself, but yesterday she filmed an outdoor scene. I’m in love with her outfit and I’m so glad we can see it in all its details!

Cute! The actress cracked a smile and striked a pose for photographers. As for the outfit, it’s brilliantly all put together: the patterned sheath dress is paired to a tote bag in a matching colour and nude pumps. As soon as I saw this picture, I was bitten by the id bug, so here is what I’ve found out about it.

She wore an adorable sheath dress by the Scottish designer Jonathan Saunders. Rose is made of printed cotton, has short sleeves and is gathered at the waist; it’s from the pre-fall 2012 collection, inspired to the architect and furniture designer Charlotte Perriand.

Thanks to ShenanK, here are some details about her beautiful earrings: she wore Swarovski Spectacle ruthenium-plated clip earrings, combining an oval emerald crystal and rectangular Montana crystal, framed round crystals.

The bag was the first thing that attracted my attention. Thanks to my sleuthing skills (as my Twitter friend Laura said), I was able to find information right away: it’s a Serpenti tote bag by Bulgari, from the fall 2012 collection. The colour is magnificent, the shape is ladylike, but the handles got me really excited. If you know the history of the Italian jewellery brand, you surely remember that snake jewels (bracelets, in particular) are iconic. The idea of a snake bracelet was born in 1949 and made famous by Elizabeth Taylor in the 60s; since then, it has recurred in jewellery collections and accessories. For this reason, it’s not coincidental that the handles of this bag are modelled after a snake.

Last but not least, her shoes. She wore an original version of the “pilgrim” pumps by Roger Vivier – a pair of Belle de Nuit patent wedges in nude. If you like wedges, I think this is a perfect style: it keeps the charm of the classic Vivier pumps intact, but it’s more comfortable than a high-heeled shoe. A detail I like is the patent buckle, which perfectly matches the shoe. I’m a fan of the original Belle Vivier pumps and of their metal buckle, but I appreciate the effort to give new life to such an iconic shoe.

Despite not being looking forward to the 6th season of the show (you know I didn’t like the latest seasons, let alone the 5th one, with that terrible terrible terrible illusion of a  Blair/Dan couple), I can’t wait to see what my favourite character will wear and the development of her storyline.

Source and source.



  1. quel plaisir de lire ce nouvel article sur Lily…j’ adore et j’ attends les autres avec impatience.
    bravo et merci.

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