Diary of a Nail Polish Addict: July 2012

Summer is my least favourite season. I hate the humid hot weather we have here most of the time, so I usually spend summer waiting for autumn to come. This is the main downside, but there are advantages, too: I love spending long summer days by the sea, wearing sandals all the time and walking barefoot at home, making fruit desserts (Sophie Dahl’s cinnamon roast peaches with vanilla yogurt are a must) and painting my nails in bright colours! Here are the manicures I sported in the last 31 days.

I started last month with an experiment – a tape manicure inspired to Francesca Lia Block’s Weetzie Bat. I found a tutorial for it on Rookiemag, courtesy of the lovely Marie of Agent Lover. I used Essie Lovie Dovie, a pink shade, as a base; I did the blue triangles using MNY 665 – a shimmery dark blue – and Mavala Cyclades Blue, and I topped everything with OPI Crown Me Already! Using such a silver glitter bomb as top coat was a major mistake: the chunky glitters of Crown Me Already! stifled the rest of the manicure. I think I’ll try it again, but will definitely opt for a different top coat.

A confession: I’m a sucker for silver foil nail polish and I’m always looking for the perfect shade. I usually use Orly Shine, which is a pure silver colour, but I’ve recently discovered another interesting shade. I snatched a bottle of it at a local beauty shop: the brand is Italian – Extreme; I’ve never heard of it, because I think its products are sold in beauty supply stores only. This shade is Silver Glam, a beautiful silver foil colour with a tinge of gold which makes it multi-dimensional and unique. Despite being super-cheap, its quality and staying power are quite good.

When it comes to glittering nail polishes, I’m definitely a magpie, who loves all thing shiny. The downside is the amount of time and remover I use to take them off, but the foil removal method always works its magic. For the manicure above I used Kleancolor Blue Pearl (2 coats) and OPI Simmer & Shimmer (3 coats). Blue Pearl is an extremely sheer and light shade of blue: I would never use it alone, but it’s good as a base for a blue-based glitter bomb like Simmer & Shimmer. I sported this manicure during cloudy days, so I wasn’t able to catch its amazing shining glitters properly.

In July I left for Sardinia with my daughter: we spent two weeks by the sea there and had a lot of fun. The beautiful destination of my summer holidays convinced me to sport bright colours on my nails. I started with a lovely orange shade by EssenceWake Up! – which is part of the Colour & Go range. This German brand has slowly grown on me: nice and trendy colours, good quality and cheap prices have soon turned Essence into one of my favourite nail polish brands.

In Italy Essence products are sold at OVS, a chain of clothing and fashion: I found one near the place where we stayed, so I grabbed other two lovely shades – Blue Addicted and Glorious Aquarius.  I knew Blue Addicted is a dupe of the most gorgeous nail polish shade ever – Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe – which I own and love, but I decided to buy it anyway. My impressions? It’s a beautiful colour, but the differences with Across the Universe are clear. The shade by Lippmann is more complex and multi-dimensional: it contains more green glitters and finer blue glitters. Wearing Across the Universe on your nails is like looking through the deepest sea, while wearing Blue Addicted is like looking through a pond, which is fine, too, yet different. On my ring finger I applied two coats of Mavala Cyclades Blue and two coats of Essence Glorious Aquarius as a topper.

I appreciated this combination so much, that I decided to get a full manicure with it. Cyclades Blue is a perfect sea blue shade, and Glorious Aquarius – a blue, lavender and silver glitter bomb – is what it takes to amplify its blueness. The combo looks magnificent on tanned hands.

My holiday manicures apparently had a fil bleu in common, since I wore several blue shades. I bought this one – Essie Aruba Blue, frosty sapphire blue – at a local Sephora counter: I went there with the intention to buy Essie Midnight Cami, but then I opted for a lighter shade of blue instead. In the picture above, you can see it in all its metallic splendour: two coats were enough to achieve a good coverage. I really like the finish of this shade: Essie describes it as “frosty” but I would rather say it’s more metallic/shimmer.

Bonus pics! This is a simple collage I did with some of the pics I took during my holidays and posted on Instagram: B and I on the beach; me lying under the sun with stones on my legs (I like feeling them hot on my skin) and crystal-clear sea water. Too bad they’re already over…


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