Diary of a Nail Polish Addict: June 2012

June was quite a hectic month: the end of the school year and other things kept me busy. Moreover, I tried not to do my nails very often: some nails had split tips so I took some time to use Mavala Nailactan every day. As a nail polish addict, I couldn’t stay away from nail polish baskets for long, though, so here are the manicures I did in the past 30 days.

In June I could finally satisfy my crave for a proper neon yellow nail polish. Some months ago I bought Color Club Yell-oh! but I used it only once and immediately put it in my swap list. It’s a lovely colour but the texture is a major let-down. You have to apply it over two coats of optical white nail polish (I used OPI Alpine Snow), otherwise even three coats look totally sheer. I didn’t like the idea of applying so many coats on my nails, so I realized I needed something different. After seeing Illamasqua Rare swatched, I knew my quest was over. I bought it from ASOS and it didn’t let me down: it’s perfect (which means good coverage) with two coats.

Awww, isn’t it gorgeous? I took the two pics above on my last day at school (see the stapler ;)): I took the one on the left with natural daylight, the other in direct sunlight.

A few days before receiving Rare, I bought another yellow nail polish – Kiko 269. The official website of the Italian make-up brand describes this shade as “microglitter yellow”. I would describe it as marigold yellow, a warm shade, very summery. I applied three coats of it.

A nail polish which has been sitting in my stash for a while is OPI Not Like the Movies, from the Katy Perry collection, released in January 2011. I still haven’t made up my mind when it comes to this one: it’s a love/hate relationship, so I end up with wearing it rarely. It’s a duochrome (green and lavender) with fine silver glitter: it’s nice and quite refined, in my opinion, but it lacks a wow factor.

And now here are some experiments I did. The first one went totally wrong: the idea was to do a manicure with tips in different colours. My poor nail artist skills and maybe too thick coats of nail polish brought to this reasult. Hideous, right? I used two coats of Color Club Worth the Risque as a base and I did the tips with Essence Break Through, Mavala Cyclades Blue, Mavala Acid Yellow, a blue shade by Kiko (I don’t know the code because I scratched the label off the bottle) and Mavala Candy Pink. Despite the final result, the idea is nice.

I tried to do tips again using a very nice combo – China Glaze Riveting as a base and China Glaze Re-fresh Mint for tips. In this case, too, you can see tips didn’t turn out very well. I think I should apply thinner coats and maybe use adhesive tape instead of those tip strips. I also need to let the manicure dry very well before applying the top coat: on some nails some green mint streaks are visible on the orange nail polish.

Another experiment was actually the entry for an Instagram nail art contest organized by Momiji and NYX Cosmetics. I took inspiration from an adorable Momiji doll, Bibi Button, so I applied two coats of a (glittery) deep green shade – Essence Choose Me! – on most nails; I did the thumb and pinkie with OPI Alpine Snow (two coats) and China Glaze Riveting for the irregular polka dots.

By the end of the contest – July 2nd – I decided to do something different and took inspiration from one of my Momiji dolls, Ruby, a limited edition designed by Joanna Zhou. In this case I used one coat of Essie Aperitif and two coats of OPI Alpine Snow. For the occasion, I bought pinking shears, which I used to give adhesive tape that peculiar scalloped motif.

What do you think of my poor attempts at nail art? As usual, comments and suggestions are more than welcome!


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