Oui, Je Suis Une NARS-issist!

It’s pretty unusual for me to write about make-up in summer. Yes, I’m one of those who can’t wear make-up when the temperatures rise. The only thing that I don’t mind wearing is a thick line of black eyeliner, but all the rest is banned until September. In any case, it’s interesting to see how cosmetic brands adapt their collections to the summer season: I don’t like those bright colours introduced by many brands, and for this reason I welcome the refined and toned-down shades featured in NARS summer 2012 collection.

The look created for the campaign is amazing: Ginta Lapina is again the testimonial of the brand, so beautiful in a unique selection of neutral, peachy/pink shades.

The collection includes 9 new products – a trio eyeshadow, a duo eyeshadow, a soft touch shadow pencil, a blush, a lipstick, a velvet matte lip pencil, a velvet matte gloss, a pure matte lipstick and a nail polish.

Pink-based and cool colours characterize most of the items, but there are some bright splashes in the soft shadow pencil and in the velvet matte pencil. I don’t own anything from this collection yet, but, as a lipstick-and-blush addict, I’d love to try Moscow and Vendanges, not to mention Liberté: a burnished apricot sounds so good!

I’ve often explained the quality of NARS nail polishes hasn’t impressed me so far: I have only one, Chinatown, and it has an old formula. I hope the polishes with a new formula are better, so trying one from the summer 2012 collection would be a good excuse. I’ve seen this collection swatched by many nail polish bloggers and I must admit every shade is impressive. I’d love to do a gradient mani with some of them, which seem to have been invented for this purpose. The collection includes six shades, created in collaboration with Thakoon and inspired to his spring/summer 2012 collection. Each colour is bright and vibrant, and takes its name from Indian spices and locations.

Amchoor, bright yellow, comes from the name of a cooking powder made of dried green mango; Anardana, azalea pink, takes its name from the dried seeds of wild pomegranate, used as a spice; Koliary, cyan blue, is the name of a location in the Kashmir region; Kukti, a beautiful powder blue, is the name of a moth living in the Himalayan region; Lal Mirchi, mandarine red, is the Indian name for red chili pepper; Ratin Jot is an orchid purple shade: its name is the Indian for alkanet root, used as a colouring agent.

I’m lemming the whole collection so much, but my favourites are Anardana, Amchoor (me and my passion for bright yellow nail polishes), Koliary and Lal Mirchi – perfect summer shades, aren’t they?

Have you bought something from this collection or are you planning to? And what are your summer habits when it comes to make-up? Do you go bare-faced like me or follow your usual beauty routine?

Source, source and source.


  1. Usually, I use make all the year long. During hot summer months I don’t put the foundation only. About these stunning Nars nail polish my favourite is the Lal Mirchi : )

    1. I agree: wearing foundation in summer is impossible! I haven’t used a cream or liquid foundation for a while, to tell the truth, but just the idea of something like than on my face in summer makes me sweat.

      Lal Mirchi is lovely ♥

  2. When summer comes I usually keep it simple… no foundation, light-coloured eyeshadwos for the day and bright, glittering colors for the evening. I like gold powder eyeshadows matched with turquoise or emerald green… beautiful! My favourite nail polishes colors are lilac or a beautiful sage green from Kiko.

    1. In summer I love wearing neon nail polishes. I know they can be kind of tacky but I think they’re just perfect for this season.

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