Diary of a Nail Polish Addict: May 2012

Despite being a nail polish addict, I’m a disaster at nail art: perfection is NOT my middle name, but enthusiasm and passion keep me going. I usually take pictures of what I wear on my nails and post them on Instagram and Streamzoo [1], but now I’ve decided to post them here, too. Diary of a Nail Polish Addict is a monthly occasion to show you my manicures – in this case, what I wore on May 2012.

Let’s start with “regular” nail polishes. I’d love to get complicated manicures but my nail artist skills are very poor; for this reason, I usually apply my nail polish and that’s it. In the picture above I was wearing one of my favourite red shades – Ruthless by Illamasqua: I received it in a swap and I’m so glad I got it because it’s a gorgeous warm red with an impressive staying power. I applied two coats and top coat.

Load by Illamasqua is one of my holy grail shades. It’s hard to describe – I’d say buttery white – because it’s really unique. I tried to find a good dupe for it but I finally decided to splurge and get the real thing. Thanks to my friend Chiara, who lives in London and was so kind to buy it for me – I was able to make this nail polish dream come true and to lay my hands on it! It looks good with two coats, but I think an extra coat would be perfect.

OPI Green-wich Village is a recent addition to my stash. Don’t ask me why I decided to buy a nail polish from a 2008 collection (Mod About You), but after seeing some swatches of it, I knew I had to have it. I’m not a fan of green polishes (I actually own other two green shades only – Deborah Lippmann Don’t Tell Mama and Essence Choose Me!), but I’ve always been obsessed with them. I know it sounds weird but everything started in 1998, when I watched The Big Lebowski for the first time: the green nail polish sported by Tara Reid as Bunny Lebowski got me totally captivated. In that moment, I expressed the firm intention to wear green shades only on my toe nails; unfortunately, I wasn’t able to keep that promise, but the charm of green toenails has never dimmed. Green-wich Village is the perfect green for many reasons, but what really makes me love it is its finish: it’s not cream, but rather jelly-ish; once applied, the colour has a glassy quality which is so hard to define! I applied three coats and top coat.

And now let’s see some “experiments” I did last month, starting with an alternating colour manicure. This is very similar to something I did in April: I used Color Club Poptastic again, pairing it to another favourite pink shade of mine, Mavala Candy Pink. The neon pink is cream, while Candy Pink has a pearl finish and blue reflects: I like the contrast between them. I applied two coats of each nail polish and top coat.

Ok, this is not really an experiment but a combination I had never tried before: I applied two coats of China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint (from Up and Away, a 2010 collection), which I topped with three thin coats of OPI Sparkle-icious (from Burlesque collection, released in 2010). You know I love glitter bomb nail polishes and Sparkle-icious is definitely one! Its gold, purple and blue glitters are gorgeous.

Groan: this is a layering experiment gone wrong, even if I wanted it so bad to go right. I applied two coats of Pistachio, a nice pastel green shade from Mavala Delicious Colours collection (spring 2012), and topped it with NYX Girls Dreamy Glitter. This top coat is amazing: it contains small gold glitter, iridescent pink stars and medium sized iridescent hexes; the problem is that the stars are quite stiff and you can feel their corners up even after applying a top coat. I’ve got the habit of touching my nails with my fingertips, and feeling small plastic parts coming up from the surface of the nail is really annoying. Any suggestions on how to solve this problem?

The last manicure is a proper experiment, my first attempt at polka-dot manicure. I bought a dotting tool some months ago, but had never had the chance to use it, so I said to myself that maybe I could try something simple. I used two coats of OPI Red My Fortune Cookie, from the Hong Kong collection released in 2010; I made the white polka dots with OPI Alpine Snow and the black ones with a random black shade (I think it was one by Deborah). I completed the manicure with a top coat. Red My Fortune Cookie is a classy apple red colour which looks so beautiful with white polka dots on it; I’m not sure about the red/black contrast, though. Next time, I’ll do both my hands in red/white.

Now it’s your turn: share your opinions about my manicures in the comments, and tell me what are your favourite shades at the moment. Stay tuned for the June post, where I’ll introduce my recent obsession with yellow nail polishes ♥

[1] If you want to follow me there, my username is _Superqueen.



  1. Sei bravina,altro che imprecisa!.
    Per quanto mi riguarda la nail art :mi disturba…spero presto di non incontrarla più specialmente sulle unghie delle over 40.

    1. Dipende sempre da come vengono fatte le cose: vedere una quarantenne con applicazioni sulle unghie o robe strane è un po’ fuori luogo, ma alcuni effetti (tipo il degradé o le tip glitter) stanno bene a qualunque età.

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