From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (5.24 – The Return of the Ring)

After a quite good fifth season (good if compared to the tragic third and fourth), the authors of Gossip Girl have taken a wise decision: going backwards fast to the first season, thus erasing everything has ever happened in all these episodes. Don’t worry, Schwartz and Savage: nobody will give you an award for your show and I still don’t understand why it has been renewed for yet another season, but still. The Return of the Ring [1] is everything the fandom of the show has wished for: Chuck and Blair finally side by side, Serena back to her wild party girl self, Bart Bass back on track in his business and in Lily’s heart, the Humphreys crushed under the weight of all this.  Oh, such a groundbreaking, bold and narratively innovative storyline, don’t you agree?

The only good thing of this episode is the fact that Lily has been given lots of screen time, which means four different outfits!

The episode opens with an unintentionally funny situation: Lily learns from a website that Bart Bass has miraculously come back from the grave, with all the implications that this can have on her life, too. She’s wearing a white cashmere robe, her hair is a bit messy, but she still manages to be true to her Upper East Side self with gorgeous accessories.

Vodka in a teacup? Lily, your mother would be proud of you. The lovely cocktail ring she wears in this scene reminds me of the Pomellato ring she wore twice in the third season, but I don’t think it’s a piece by the Italian brand. This one is made of silver and is embellished by an oval stone (I think it’s opal or moonstone).

Her earrings are by Nina Runsdorf: they are made of moonstones, cut in different shapes, and have diamonds on the posts.

The second scene where Lily appears is set again in her living room: Bart, her former husband, pays her a visit and it’s so disappointing to see how she behaves with him. She even tells him she should have had “more respect” for their marriage (this is the woman who got married knowing she actually loved another man). Here she’s sporting a classic Lily outfit – pleated pencil skirt and adorable floral short-sleeved blouse with neck tie.

Her accessories are exquisite, as well: she’s wearing crystal-studded dome clip earrings and a gold and ivory cocktail ring.

As it always happens with informal outfits, her hair is styled in a messy chignon, which will become more elegant for the evening.

The third outfit seen on her is one of the best ever seen on her: it totally epitomizes her character, who focuses on form over fact. Besides Blair, Serena and Chuck (they all go back to their old habits), Lily too seems to return to her old self, when she thought Bart Bass was the best partner she could wish for because he had power and money. All the Lily fans who have been disappointed by this episode probably must realize this is what the character is about – power and money. The rest – unselfish love for a man or for her own children and family – is actually not as important.

She wears this outfit in two different scenes – one is set in her living room, the other at the Empire Hotel. She’s wearing a black Marchesa dress, with peplum and ribbon embellishments on the shoulders, and amazing accessories.

Let’s start with the Jean clutch in silver confetti and black geo by Edie Parker, which beautifully contrasts with the all-black dress.

Her Meghna Designs Mumtaz earrings have an interesting flower/star shape, inspired to the Taj Mahal.

She’s also wearing a gold hammered ring with central diamond (or crystal).

As anticipated, she changes her hairstyle in accordance to her outfit: here her formal chignon is flawless. The scenes where she sports this outfit are particularly important: first of all, she receives annulment papers from Bart (Rufus got him to sign them, telling him Lily had made her choice “three years” before); later, when she learns from Rufus that he got Bart to sign them, rips them up, thus breaking up with him. Despite the initial disappointment, I’m happy they broke up: Rufus has neglected everything he loves (music and his own art business) for Lily, but he’s more than an Upper East Side husband. On the other hand, it’s clear Lily and Bart care for the same things in life, so in this respect they’re a match made in heaven.

The fourth – and last – outfit is probably my favourite of the four. The scene where she sports it is set a week after the main events of the episode took place: Bart pays a visit to Lily, but hides when Rufus arrives. Lily explains she can only have one marriage and has made her choice. The outfit includes a printed sheath dress and some gorgeous turquoise jewellery.

Her sleeveless dress has an abstract print and is a creation by Vera Wang. It’s unusual to see her wearing such an unconventional print, but she looks awesome.

Her turquoise pendant earrings have a gold filigree drop, too.

She also wears a turquoise cocktail ring, but I couldn’t get a close-up of it.

The last piece of jewellery she wears is a breath-taking 7-strand turquoise necklace by Opaleen, one of the most dramatic jewels she’s ever worn.

You know I love gifs from this show and the one above perfectly sums up my present attitude. Yes, I’m extremely disappointed by this episode and I feel like I’ve been fooled by its authors. My country (and Europe) is going through a hard economic crisis and I’d like tv shows to be an escape from ordinary life, I’d like them to give us something to dream about, and what have we got here? Break-ups, greed, petty schemes and revenge. And you know what is worse? I don’t even care of what will happen in the sixth season, because I think things can even go worse/unreal than this. My only hope is that Ivy will succeed in taking Lily down, as Lola asked her to do. Well, I’m glad this fifth season is over, so now, “if you’ll excuse me [2] – I have better things to do”. xoxo

[1] The title of the episode is a homage to The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) by Peter Jackson, based on the second and third books of The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien.

[2] This is a grammar mistake – “if” can’t be followed by the “will” future.

Source and source.



  1. Excellent, as always and I believe you were charitable to the writers this season. I agree with you about not wanting to see *break-ups, greed, petty schemes and revenge* — I prefer shows where the characters are supportive of each other.

    Regarding Lily’s outfits, I did not care for the last ensemble. IMO she should have worn the earrings or the necklace, but not both, but agree that she looked exquisite in the black dress.

  2. Finalmente é finita,stagiona noiosa,con una conclusione peró abbastanza gradita,non solo per le scene Chair ma perché diversamente da Te io trovo interessanti schemi e vendette e altri tipici atteggiamenti di un certo mondo upper.Ora un pó di curiosità verso la prox stagione mi é venuta…
    Concordo con quanto letto sopra la collana di turchesi era più che sufficiente,un paio di orecchini a chiodo in quarzo avrebbero completato l’outfit senza appesantire.
    Grazie per la resistenza e il fantastico lavoro fatto in queste stagioni SuperQ.,resisterai anche per la prox e ultima?.

  3. Anche a me ha colpito molto l’ultimo outfit, l’abbinamento col turchese lo trovo meraviglioso…anche io non avrei mai messo quegli orecchini con quella collana, magari dei turchesi attaccati al lobo, ma sappiamo ormai che i lily e serena abbondano sempre con i gioielli è nel loro stile

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