Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 2) – Finale

Writing about Christina Aguilera’s outfits in the second season of The Voice has been quite a journey: I’ve loved documenting the evolution of her style and I’m so proud of the improvement she has done since the first season of the tv show. Yesterday the long-awaited finale aired: I’m a bit sad because Juliet Simms, my favourite finalist, didn’t make it, but Jermaine Paul, from Team Blake, totally deserved to be the winner.

I didn’t expect anything too formal from Christina, but I’m glad she decided to glam things up, showing us a lovely version of a formal classic outfit – the tuxedo.

OMG, she looked beautiful! This is the second time she sported a pantless outfit, but this one is even better than the previous. She wore a black sequined jacket, a tuxedo pleated shirt and gorgeous studded shorts. My only complaint is for her shoe choice (she wore boots, but a pair of pumps would have been better), but the rest – yes! even her hair – looked so good.

The sequined jacket is a creation by Dolce & Gabbana, who designed her tuxedo shirt, too. I love this jacket because its velvet lapels have an original shape; I also like the cute detail of tiny front pockets.

When I saw her shorts, a bell in my head rang because I knew I had already seen them somewhere. My memory was right: Jennifer Lopez wore similar leggings and short top in her video Dance Again. All these studded items are from Norma Kamali OMO Stud collection.

The jewellery department included diamond pieces by Loree Rodkin – the multi-hoop earrings she’s already worn several times and a stunning spiderweb armour ring with diamond and moonstones (a stone I love so much, because I think it’s incredibly romantic). She also wore a simple diamond ring on her left hand but I think that was a personal possession.

As I’ve already written, the only jarring note were her shoes. She wore Christian Louboutin platform boots, not the best choice, in my opinion.

Despite the incredibly rude and chauvinist attack she received from Adam Levine the night before, she looked more confident and sincere than ever. Ok, it’s true I’m not objective when it comes to her, but I think she really showed her class, artistic grounding and empathy in this second season (probably the only judge who had the same attitude was Cee-Lo). Christina is a fighter, everybody knows that, but she’s a mother, too, and she’s not afraid of showing it. When the camera caught her clapping after Flo Rida and Juliet’s performance, she was holding Max on her lap: my heart literally melted ♥ He was playing with her fan and hiding behind it, so cute!

The highly emotional episode ended with a closing performance by Jermaine. All the protagonists of the show listened to him on stage, and see how Christina A and Christina M looked at him: they were literally in awe, and I can see why, since he’s so talented. In this picture, we can get a good view on her messy hairstyle, which I love. I don’t know what she’ll decide to do with her hair, but in case I’d love her to sport this look more often: I think it suits her better than any other style so far.

Now that the second season is over, I feel a bit sad: I’ll surely miss writing weekly posts about her, but I’m so looking forward to her next album and promotional tour, so I’m sure there’ll soon be plenty of outfits to speak about.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all those who have stopped by to read my posts about Christina Aguilera. When I first start blogging, in 2003, I had one wish only: I wanted lots and lots and lots of people to read what I wrote and to appreciate it. Today 2,346 people have visited my blog and I thank each and every reader for making a dream come true. 2,328 is nothing, if compared to more famous fashion blogs, but to me it’s an incredible result. Oh, and thanks from the bottom of my heart to the amazing guys of AguileraOnLine, who have always supported and promoted my posts. Thanks everybody, I love you ♥



  1. She looked hot last nigh!!! and also so glad thta Tony Lucca lost he didn’t deserve it and Adam is just ugh, I can’t stand him!

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